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Stockholm Wellness Guide

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Stockholm - for a relaxing city-break in Europe

Comprising of 15 alluring islands connected with postcard bridges and viaducts, Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and a great destination for a fulfilling and relaxing spa weekend.

This Scandinavian city welcomes you to relax with a day spa session in one of its many spa centres, some of which operated within excellent hotels, and even have a memorable picnic within its beautiful green parks.

Best places to unwind in Stockholm 

What enchants travellers in Stockholm most, is the old town Gamla Stan and the adjacent small islet of Riddarholmen. 

Gamla Stan is one of the biggest and well-preserved medieval city centres in Europe, with so many cobblestone narrow streets that make you feel like you get lost in a labyrinth. It is also one of the most pedestrian-friendly cities in the world, dotted with many sights, attractions, restaurants, cafés, bars, and interesting places to shop. While taking a tour of the island of Riddarholmen you will feel allured by its numerous private palaces dating back to the 17th century and the tantalizing views of the lake.

With so many beautiful places to explore in Stockholm, you will totally feel your mind unwinding and calming, however, your body may have a different opinion. And because you do not want arrive back home feeling exhausted, hotels with spa and wellness centres of the city enhanced your wellness holidays in Stockholm offering a wide range of amenities as well as advanced spa facilities including a hammam and thermal pools.

Spa hotels with wellness centers in Stockholm

For wellness travellers who want to escape from reality and leave behind their busy, stressful life, the Venice of the North boasts a plethora of wellness sanctuaries to unwind in nature and city hotels with luxurious spa facilities and modern gyms staffed by professional therapists and trainers.

For a relaxing weekend spa in Stockholm consider visiting one of its city hotels with spa centers and get pampered with classic Swedish massages, hot and cold baths, and special spa treatments including facials, and body scrubs.

Moreover,  keep in mind that most of the hotels in Stockholm organize exciting tours and outdoor activities to do around the city and archipelago. Ask your concierge for more information.

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The best places to relax in Stockholm

Best Spas in Stockholm

Stockholmers are big fans of healthy-living and fitness, so it is only natural for wellness travellers in Stockholm to find a plethora of spa centres, health/fitness clubs and gyms. Centralbadet is one of the best spas in Stockholm with a splendour swimming pool to soak in, a Nordic sauna to relax, and yoga classes to gain peace of mind. 

Best Beaches in Stockholm

Stockholm has also excellent beach and swimming spots to live it up in during summer. The most popular one to enjoy swimming and sunbathing in the inner city is Smedsuddsbadet. It is a sandy beach especially beloved among families with several facilities including showers, toilets, and a cafe. While on the island of Långholmen you will also find the also popular and pleasant beach of Langholmsbadet offering a range of facilities as well.

Best Parks in Stockholm

If you are looking to spend recreational moments in nature, do not miss to visit one of the many green parks of Stockholm. The island of Djurgarden is a green oasis and a park itself with many of the city’s most popular museums and attractions including Vasa Museum and the amusement park Gröna Lund to name just a few. 

While outdoor gyms are also popular in Stockholm with more than 40 open-air gyms, often near a park, scattered around the city.

Here, you will find the top places in Stockholm where you can relax and unwind, including parks, spa centres and much more!