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Stockholm Gay Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Stockholm for Gay Travellers

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The Colorful Gay scene of Stockholm!

Stockholm is an upcoming gay destination featuring a diverse and colorful gay scene, ideal for both gay couples and single gay travelers. In Stockholm, you will find from cozy small gay cafes to dark cruising clubs working all night long!

Gay Travel Tips

It is only natural for Stockholm to be considered as the most gay friendly city in Sweden since t it has the biggest and most active LGBT community in the country.
The locals are friendly and welcome people, the majority of whom support all the gay rights, including gay marriage and child adoption. Public shows of affection are totally acceptable!
The big and active gay community of Stockholm resulted in the proper organization of the gay nightlife, leading to the creation of several gay meeting points around the city!
Keep in mind that you will meet many gay people in every corner of the city. There are many places which are granted as gay-only and the majority of their visitors are gay.
The gay hotspots of Stockholm are the gay clubs Wonk Stockholm, King Kong and Patricia as well as the gay bars n' restaurants Torget, B1:an, The Secret Garden and Side Track!

If you want to explore the more underground gay scene of Stockholm, visit the clubs SLM Stockholm and The Basement!
Stockholm hosts several gay events & festivals while parties are organized every day by the local gay clubs & bars. Candy at Le Bon Palais is a popular gay dance party taking place every Friday!
Gay people from all Sweden are gathered to celebrate together the beautiful gay event Stockholm Pride. Baltic Battle is currently the most popular gay fetish party in Stockholm.
Even though there is not any exclusively gay accommodation in Stockholm, you will not have difficulty on finding gay-friendly hotels which will surely leave you satisfied.

Hotels for Gay Travellers in Stockholm

In addition to featuring a wide diversity of exclusively gay hotels, Stockholm is also the home of numerous gay-friendly hotels ranging from small boutique to 5-Star chains!
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The Top Gay Places in Stockholm

Stockholm is a big gay hotspot, however, there are some bars, cafes, and clubs attracting only gay customers. These hotspots are usually located around the city's center!

Most popular Sightseeing in Stockholm


Apart from gay nightlife, the center of Stockholm boasts for its tourist attractions! Below you will find what you should not miss if you are into sightseeing mood!

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