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Gay Phuket Holidays: Discovering the Exotic Gay Side of Phuket

Phuket was one of the most popular gay Asian destinations in 2017, which is pretty understandable since vacations in Phuket are actually dreamy. The island features a couple of gay beaches, while it is packed with exotic secluded beaches which might not be exclusively gay, however, they offer you all the necessary privacy that you need.

The gay hotspots on the island are diverse, and the majority of them are located on the Paradise Complex in Patong Town. Here are some tips related to the gay scene of Phuket that you should definitely know!

The Best Gay-Friendly Hotels & Resorts in Phuket

There are exclusively gay accommodation options in Phuket like small gay hotels and guesthouses. However, the majority of them will surely not provide you with the facilities and services offered by a hotel. 

Find below the best gay-friendly hotels and beach resorts in Phuket located close to popular gay hotspots and beaches!

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The Top Places in Phuket for Gay Travellers


The gay life and nightlife of Phuket is mainly concentrated in Patong, Phuket’s main coastal resort town where the island's popular gay beach, gay bars, and gay saunas & spas are located. Below you will find hotspots in Phuket where you will be able to relax and socialise or even have a naughtier type of fun!