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Rome Food Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Rome for Food lovers


11 Rome Hotels
for Food lovers


11 Rome Hotels for Food lovers

What to eat in Rome, Italy

What fascinates food travellers to Italy most, is the fact that every city has its own culinary tradition! So when in Rome, be sure that you will taste many flavours that either you can’t find anywhere else in the world or when you do find them they don’t have such a good taste. That being said, travellers for food in Rome eat real food and forget about the calories!

Even though there is a long list of Rome’s specialities, the Eternal City has some tempted dishes that every foodie traveller should try at least one.

The most popular must-try dishes in Rome could not but be other than the world-known pizza and pasta! Even though these foods can be found all over the world, there is nothing like tasting their authentic version in their birthplace! As for desserts try maritozzicannoli and the worldwide famous “gelato” that will accompany every stroll you take.

Furthermore, you should not miss sampling bread traditionally baked in the wood-fired ovens, as well as the typical Roman varieties of cheese like pecorinoricotta and mozzarella and, of course, the white wine of Rome!

Even from ancient times, the vineyards around Rome have been significant areas for the production of white wine and especially the nearby ancient town of Frascati. Nowadays, Frascati wine is popular throughout the world and known as the 'Golden Wine of the Romans', the 'Pope's Wine' and the white wine of Rome.

In this Rome Food Guide, you will find the best hotels with restaurants in Rome offering delicious breakfast and gastronomic delights, and the best restaurants and local trattorias to taste the best of Italian Cuisine!

World-class hotels with restaurants in Rome

Rome has so many famous attractions and hidden gems, that a lifetime will never be enough to explore them all. Staying in a hotel with tasty breakfast menus is essential to start your explorations dynamically while an evening dining in the terrace of one of the world-class restaurants in Rome will reveal you the most romantic ambience of the city.

There are no words to describe the views of Mirabelle Restaurant let alone its food specialities, famous all over Rome! This gourmet terrace is situated on the 7th floor of Hotel Splendide where a breath-taking panorama view awaits you! Accompany your every delicious dinner with unforgettable views to the 19th-century palaces of Pinciano, Villa Medici, Trinita dei Monti, and Saint Peter’s Basilica.

What can we say for the delicious breakfast at the Parco dei Principi?  This hotel knows well that to explore Rome you need an energetic breakfast! Every morning you will be tempted with freshly baked treats straight from the hotel’s bakery, locally produced fresh fruit and yoghurt, and warm dishes from the Pauline Borghese Restaurant. 

You can find here the best Hotel Collections with accommodations accompanied almost always with a 5-star restaurant. 

Where to eat like a local in Rome

The kinds of restaurants in Rome are literally endless, most of them are situated in beautiful central areas or within narrow streets. The restaurants of Rome are known for their high-end service and are located in main streets and high-trafficked areas while trattorias will be found in charming side-streets! 

Others kinds of restaurants in Rome are osterias, which have elements of a bar and are mainly visited by locals, tavola calda, which means hot table and is the closest kind there is to Italian fast food, the world-known Pizzerias, and Rosticcerias, where you will find roasts chickens and other popular meals for Italians.

However, if you want to dive deeply into the Roman gastronomy, do not miss to attend a Rome cooking class or have a wine-bar night without even leaving the heart of Rome. While by participating in a walking food tour you will savour the best spots to sample the best foods in Rome!

Find below the best restaurants in Rome to eat like a local and savour the best of Italian cuisine.

Food Tips

Whether you are a pasta lover or not, Italian spaghetti is worth tasting as it tastes different than any other pasta dish you have tried before. The same applies to pizza.

Must try Rome food: bread traditionally baked in the wood fired ovens, the typical Roman varieties of cheese like pecorino, ricotta and mozzarella and, of course, the local white wine.

Following an intense night out, do it like the locals! Grab a “cornetto” and sip a hot cappuccino on your way back home. Besides, it will be morning anyway!

Rome is known to be the center of white wine, located in Lazio region, the area where Frascati Wine is produced.

If you want to dive into the Roman gastronomy for good, attend a Rome cooking class or have a wine bar night without even leaving the heart of Rome.

Another fun culinary activity for your Rome holidays is to have a walking seminar and savour the best spots to eat in Rome!

The basis of Roman cuisine stands mainly on seasonal ingredients from the region of Roman Campana while simplicity is its key feature.

Vegetables like peas, fava beans, artichokes, Lamb and Goat Meat, as well as cheeses like Ricotta and Pecorino Romano are the most important ingredients used in Roman cuisine.

Rome is packed with marvelous restaurants, some of which can be found in beautiful locations too, where you will be able to eat and drink with all your heart. However, don't  think that it is easy to find the real thing in Rome. Actually, it's pretty difficult to find the good restaurants of Rome, as they are pretty well-hidden.

Places & Things to do
for Food lovers


Casino Di Villa Boncompagni Ludovisi

sightseeing , kids entertainment

Wine Bar

Bar Enoteca Nibbi

wine tasting , coffee & drinks

Archaeological Sight

Porta Pinciana

sightseeing , kids entertainment


Trinità Dei Monti

sightseeing , pray & worship


Piazza Di Spagna



Antica Enoteca

wine tasting


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