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Boracay Island - indulging in luxury holidays by the beach

Particularly popular for its beautiful beaches with blue waters and powder-soft white sand, Boracay is among the most popular islands in the Philippines to spend your luxurious holidays in one of its spectacular boutique hotels by the beach and stunning resorts with spa and dining facilities!

This tiny tropical island is visited all year round however its peak season is considered to be from November to May with temperatures ranging from 25 C degrees to 32 C degrees. Since there is no direct flight to Boracay, you can either take a regular flight from Manila to Caticlan or Kalibo and then take a boat ride to Boracay.

Days in Boracay are all about relaxing on its stunning sandy beaches where you will enjoy sunbathingswimming, and beach activities, while the island's rich marine life and amazing diving sites make snorkelling and scuba diving the most popular activities in Boracay! While at night the island comes alive with vibrant beach bars, cafés and restaurants offering everything from seafood to fruity cocktails.

Aside from immersing in beach activities and delicious food, shopping can also be an enjoyable activity to do in Boracay as well. The island has a few modern shopping malls and a plethora of local shops and streets vendors where you can you can get basic items, beachwear and handcrafted souvenirs. However, don’t expect to find high-end boutiques and luxury goods.

In this Boracay Luxury Guide, you will find the best luxury hotels and resorts by the beach, and top exciting things to do during your holidays in Boracay Island!

Luxury Hotels and Beach Resorts in Boracay

Being a popular destination for beach holidays, staying in an oceanfront hotel in Boracay is essential! This tropical island is dotted with boutique hotels and outstanding beach resorts. Their spacious suites overlooking the sea while some of them have private terraces with hot tubs and comfortable sunbeds.

Be sure that you will be pampered with exceptional concierge services, relaxing spa therapies and delectable dining options. While some of the luxury resorts in Boracay organize memorable wedding ceremonies and celebrations by the beach with every contemporary convenience and luxury.

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The best things to do in Boracay


For such a small island, there are plenty of activities to do in Boracay ranging from indulging in water-sport activities, diving and snorkelling to relaxing in exotic beach bars with a refreshing cocktail on hand, and even having beachfront fine-dining experiences under the starry sky.

Even though Boracay is not popular for luxury shopping it has two interesting markets to visit and a few shopping malls including D'Mall and E Mall, which are both great to visit if you want to buy souvenirs, stylish beachwear and local handicrafts.

While White beach is the most popular one in Boracay with everything you need for right in front of the beach - luxury boutique hotels, local and international restaurants, lively nightlife options and plenty of activities! It is also one of the best places to watch tropical sunsets as the sun goes down around 6:00 pm all year round. Moreover, it is important to know that the beach is divided into 3 stations, with station 1 being dotted with luxury resorts and several clubs in walking distance.