How does Travel by Interest work for Hoteliers?

Collaborate with the Top Travel by Interest website in the world and increase your direct bookings without commissions

  • Register for Free & connect your official booking engine
  • Be inluded in the special hotel collections by Interest, by Theme or by Influencer Learn more
  • Target Gay, Luxury, Food and Wellness Travellers looking to book their next hotel
  • Increase your hotels direct booking and sales without any commissions

How can our Hotel Collections help you increase your direct bookings?

And why is it free to include your Hotel in them?

All the registered hotels in Travel by Interest are sorted in various 'Hotel Collections', in order to be promoted to global travellers in a more targeted and effective way. The Hotel Collections categorize the properties according to popular travel interests like Gay, Luxury Food and Wellness, helping the travellers find the right hotel for them more easily.

At the same time, TBI works like a radar: when a traveller makes a specific online search, for example, “luxury hotels in Bangkok”, it uses SEO and SEM techniques, to recommend a list with selected hotels for Luxury travellers in Bangkok. This list features related luxury photos, which may lead to a higher conversion for the promoted hotels.

Following the remarkable success of the TBI Interests (Gay, Luxury, Food and Wellness), Travel by Interest launches new types of hotel collections, like Hotels with special Features (e.g. jacuzzis, private pools or situated at hot locations). You can now also find Hotel Collections by inspiring Themes, like the Top Beachfront Hotels to visit in 2019 or the Best Hotels for Christmas around the world.

All the hotels can register for free in TBI. After their registration, our Travel Experts evaluate each property and (if the hotel is approved to join the platform), include it for free in all the special hotel collections it applies. Hoteliers who want extra promotion for their properties are able to enable a “Search Campaign”, that will promote their hotel at the top-of-the-list for all the selected Hotel Collections.

How do we connect your Hotel Booking Engine?

Allow travellers to book directly with your hotel without commissions

In order to register your property for free and be presented in the TBI Hotel Collections, you need to complete the Seven Registration Steps and upload all the required information. The eighth step is completed by our IT department, that connects your official booking engine in all the pages your hotel appears within

This direct connection, allows travellers to search for prices and availability directly at your hotel, through the Hotel Collections. Using the designated button, the travellers can book directly with your hotel without any commissions. The same functionality is also available in your TBI profile pages as well as in our articles. Keep in mind that you can always track your hotel's performance in TBI, through the dedicated statistics about your hotel.

What is TBI's Hotel Discovery Blog?

And how can your Hotel benefit from our articles?

Being Experts on creating useful targeted content about Hotels and having high expertise in Niche Markets and SEO techniques, we have created an innovative blog, through which travellers can read interesting and useful articles and discover amazing hotels. Our editors write fascinating articles on a daily basis, aiming to cover the travellers' need for advanced travel information. Within these articles, our editors always recommend selected hotels that match the topic they cover. This allows the travellers to check for prices at the various recommended hotels, whilst they are reading the article.

All registered hotels in TBI could potentially be included in one or more articles for free, and track their related statistics within their special hotelier area. Last but not least, hoteliers can request their own exclusive presentation in the Hotel Discovery Blog through a Hotel SEO Article, written by our highly qualified Hotel Editors.

Advanced Hotelier Statistics

See how many travellers checked for availability & rates using your Connected Booking engine. The statistics include check-in/out dates, booking window and average stay.

As a hotelier, you have access to a special area with detailed statistics about your hotel performance in TBI, about each Hotel Collection or Article you are included in.

Our metrics include:

  • Price Checks
  • Bookng Window
  • Average Visits
  • Hotel Website Visits
  • Hotel Profile Visits
  • Travellers Country

Services for Hoteliers


  • Target Niche Market travellers (Gay, Food, Luxury, Wellness), looking for their next hotel to book.
  • Target travellers looking for special Hotel features & characteristics in each destination.


  • Request a dedicated Hotel Article to boost your SEO Results.
  • Build targeted Hotel landing pages for every specific niche market.


  • Use re-marketing techniques to reach Travel by Interest’s audiences.
  • Target new Targeted Audiences, customized by TBI Experts.


  • Booking Intention Metrics (booking requests, referrals, etc).
  • Demand Quality Metrics (booking window, avg. stay, etc).
  • Quality Analysis Metrics (geographical area, segmentation, etc).

All images are from the conceptual photo shooting of Diles & Rinies Villas in Tinos, Greece, that was specified by Destsetters and executed by the renowned Hotel Photographer Christos Drazos.

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