Thinking about Switzerland, you cannot simply ignore St. Moritz. This luxurious Alpine Resort is widely popular for its breathtaking slopes, amazing ski facilities, and food...never forget about food! However, we are not here to talk about the area in general, but one of the reasons for its good reputation: the stunning St. Moritz Lake, as well as the best season to visit! Furthermore, we are going to explore one of the best resorts in St. MoritzBadrutt's Palace Hotel.

As you might already know, and as you can see in the photos, we are not talking about a casual lake. St. Moritz Lake has been a major point of interest since long time ago, and thankfully, its fame has not affected its unique character at all. The landscape maintains its flawless beauty throughout the years.

The lake hosts numerous sport events annually, which is only inevitable, considering the nature of the destination. Among the events taking place in the lake are Polo Matches every January and early February, Horse Races on the frozen lake in February, as well as Skijoring (winter sport in which a person on skis is pulled by a horse, a dog, or a motor vehicle), which originates from this area.

Staying in a hotel that has managed to blend with its natural surroundings so perfectly is fascinating. If you think about it, even a coffee gazing down the view of the tranquil alpine landscapes becomes an once-in-a-lifetime experience... unless you stay one of the top Swiss Castle Hotels Badrutt's Palace Hotel, where these views become your reality!

Badrutt's Palace Hotel: Overlooking St. Moritz Lake

Let's take things from scratch. Badrutt's Palace was built in 1872 by C. Rungger, and it was later bought by Mr. Caspar Badrutt, who was in charge of the remodeling of the St. Moritz Hotel Beau Rivage and creation of the hotel. Badrutt's Palace officially opened in July 29th, 1896 and it's now among the most historic hotels in Europe.

It is actually one of the very few hotels that have managed to take advantage, as well as, highlight the beauty of their location. Badrutt's Palace offers a direct view of the lake from the majority of the hotel grounds and facilities, including its rooms and suites. Of course, the restaurants and spa feature amazing views over St. Moritz Lake as well.

Winter VS Summer

In winter, the landscape of St. Moritz is cold, and the shades of blue and white are prominent through the area. It's full of snow and the imposing frozen lake in the heart of it, is absolutely gorgeous! The lake is frequently used for ice-skating and all kinds of sports on ice!

In summer, the landscape is completely different and the colors of light-blue and green make it look like a beautiful painting. St. Moritz Lake, completely unfrozen this time, sparkles like the most expensive diamond. People gather around the lake, either for picnics, trekking or even swimming.  

Mountain Holidays in Europe? Then, you would love to hear that Badrutt's Palace is actually among the top mountain hotels in Europe to enjoy a spring break.

Breakfast at St. Moritz: The Melody of the Harpe!

Photos taken at:
Photos were taken at Badrutt's Palace Hotel

The sun is rising and you can't wait to start your day...but wait, what about breakfast? As you can see above, Badrutt's Palace Hotel features a wide selection of breakfast dishes, including crepes and waffles, local cold cuts and cheese, and fresh seasonal fruits. 

In Summer, the breakfast in Badrutt's Palace is served in Le Relais Restaurant, where you will enjoy direct views of the stunning St. Moritz Lake. During this season, we recommend you to taste the delicious crepes, served with strawberry marmalade and fresh strawberries on the side.

In Winter, Badrutt's Palace breakfast is served in Le Restaurant, which is mainly distinguished for its stylish interior. What's truly unique about eating breakfast during wintertime, is that a harpist will keep you company during your morning meal, playing beautiful and relaxing melodies.

St. Moritz Activities: Summer VS Winter

So... now that your stomach is full, you must be ready to start your day, packed with energy. But you are thinking "What am I doing here?!".Well, you don't have to worry, you are staying in one of the top hotels in Europe with Sport Facilities and Activities.

St. Moritz is also packed with outdoor activities to do, either in summer or winter. We have enlisted below the 10 most popular activities to do according to season, so it's up to you to choose.

       Summer                                                          Winter

  1. Surf & Kite                                              1. Helicopter Flight
  2. Golf                                                          2. Piste Bully Drive
  3. Sailing & Rowing                                  3. Paragliding Flight
  4. Hiking & Mountaineering                   4. Bobsleigh & Skeleton
  5. E-Cycling                                                5. Ski & Snowboard
  6. Swimming                                              6. Horse-Carriage Trip
  7. Horse Riding                                          7. Cross-Country Skiing
  8. Mountain Bike                                       8. Winter Hiking
  9. Fishing                                                     9.Sledging
  10. Stand-Up Paddling                              10. Curling

Badrutt's Palace is among the top countryside retreats to escape the summer heat. So pack your favorite swimsuit, sunglasses and sunscreen & get ready!

A Spa Experience in St. Moritz | Palace Wellness & Sports 

The hotel's wellness resort, Palace Wellness, offers various relaxing activities and sports to do in Winter and Summer. Of course, there are also numerous activities to do in both seasons including spa treatments like massages and body therapies, steamy sauna sessions and exercises at the hotel's gym. 

How to do it in Summer vs Winter

✿ In summer, yoga lessons can be taken outdoors, at the green valleys of St. Moritz. During winter, the yoga lessons are taken indoors, at the hotel's Yoga & Aerobics Studio.

The swimming pool features direct views over St. Moritz countryside, resulting in a completely different feeling each season. The swimming pool is heated during the winter when the landscape is snowy and white. During summer, the swimming pool is cooler while the landscape is green and sunny!

✿ There are various fitness amenities available at the spa's weekly program of Spa classes, including sports and leisure activities. The winter activities include skiing and other snow games, while during summer you can have swimming lessons, outdoor yoga classes and more.  

✿ In winter, you can ice-skate or play curling (a traditional Swiss game) at the hotel's Ice Rink. During summer, you can play sports at the Sports Ground, such as basketball, football and volleyball. 

St. Moritz All Year Long

As we can see, the choice is very difficult since both seasons have their advantages and disadvantages. It all comes down to one's tastes; If you are a fan of ski and snow, then, for sure, winter is the only option for you. If you are fond of picnics in nature, green landscapes and water sports, summer is definitely your cup of tea. 

Last but not least, let's discover another important reason to visit the impressive scenery of St.Moritz, and that is the local cuisine.

Badrutt's Palace Hotel features a selection of restaurants where you can enjoy authentic regional dishes and French Haute Cuisine. Let's present them one by one:

  • Le Restaurant is among the hotel's most luxurious restaurants, which combines a glamorous but at the same time soothing atmosphere. It serves International and French Haute Cuisine and it is the place where you eat breakfast during the winter. The dress code for dinner requires a jacket, while a tie is always welcome. 
  • Le Relais is similar to Le Restaurant, although it's cozier and opens mainly during lunch hours (12.30 - 2.30 p.m.), serving International cuisine. It's the restaurant where breakfast is taken during the summer months while the dress code is smart casual. What's truly fascinating about Le Relais though, is its remarkable view over Lake St. Moritz.
  • La Diala, or else the Mountain Fairy, is a children-friendly restaurant in the center of Palace Wellness, decorated in a classic Engadine Style. It's open from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm and it does not require a dress codeIt serves International cuisine with exceptional sushi specialties.
  • La Coupole is an exclusive restaurant that belongs to the niche brand Matsuhisa, with only 6 restaurants worldwide, and it's located in the former first tennis hall in Europe, with more than 100 seats available. It's a cocktail-bar-restaurant serving Japanese-Peruvian cuisine and amazing sushi. In addition to its delicious dishes, its beautiful glass dome is an indoor attraction that immediately catches the eye of the guest.
  • IGNIV by Andreas Caminada is a concept restaurant that opens only during winter, serving exclusively gourmet dishes. The Late Night Pairing is a special winter concept that allows the guests to enjoy a Late Night Sharing Dinner before heading off to the party at the Kings Club. The price of 400.00 per person includes a 3-course Sharing Menu with champagne, entry to the King's Club and three glasses of champagne.
  • Chesa Veglia, or else the "old house",  has been transformed into a luxurious dining spot by Badrutt's Palace Hotel since 1936. It's the home of three restaurants and two bars, all of which cater to a diversity of tastes.  All of them are a favorite dining spot for both locals and visitors. The restaurants are: Patrizier Stuben, Pizzeria Heuboden, and Grill Chadafö. The bars are: Bar Carigiet, and Polo Bar.