A little adventure is great once in a while, especially for couples who want to gain new and unique experiences together. When we are talking about adventure holidays, we could not but refer to Asia, of course.

Asia is packed with outdoor and indoor activities to do, that will make you fall in love with each other all over again. From personal yoga classes at your luxurious tree house to jumping from a tree to another with ropes, to rafting in fierce rivers.

Go Snorkeling at the white-sand beaches of the Maldives

For some people adventure is walking all day through a rain forest, for some others adventure means doing all day water sports, and for some others adventure is snorkeling the whole day at the private beach of their resort. Indeed, that's a beloved activity for many people and seriously, who would blame them? The beauty of the seas is endless, especially in the Maldives.

The hotels and the resorts in the Maldives  have made this dream come true, with every hotel located on its own little islet. In addition to scuba-diving, Maldives is also an excellent destination to... do nothing. Indeed, its landscapes are so beautiful that you will want to relax the whole day on your private beach.

Best Period to do it: December - April

Hotels & Resorts: 21 Wellness Hotels & 5 Places

Go Cycling at the endless rice fields of Vietnam

There is not a more romantic experience in Asia than going for cycling or trekking in the breathtaking rice fields of Vietnam. Exploring the rice fields will also give you the chance to meet more locals, and explore the ancient traditions of Vietnam. There are numerous rice fields dispersed through the country, but the most popular ones are Sapa, Mu Cang Chai, Y Ty, and Hoang Su Phi!

For a more convenient and safe exploration, we would recommend you to join a tour, with which you surely get a better of the Vietnamese culture, while you will discover some hidden gems in the country, that you wouldn't think of if you were alone.

Best Period to do it: July - Early October

Hotels & Resorts: 34 Wellness Hotels & 74 Places

Go Hiking from Kalaw to Inle Lake in Myanmar

Kalaw is an old hill station featuring a relaxed atmosphere, a fresh climate and stunning views over Myanmar countryside. It also listens to the name "Myanmar's Trekking Mecca". The most popular trekking route from Kalaw is to Inle Lake or Pindaya, which helps you discover the lives of the local hill tribes while exploring the Burmese landscape.

Inle Lake is one of the most picturesque lakes in Myanmar, 22 km long and 10 km wide, while it's located at the valley between two mountain ranges. It is widely popular for its floating villages and gardens, as well as the unique lifestyle of the locals.

Best Period to do it: March - May

Hotels & Resorts: 10 Wellness Hotels & 44 Places

Try Cliff Jumping in Chiang Mai

There are many reasons to love Chiang Mai, especially if you are adventure lovers, but the most beloved activity is none other than cliff jumping. Getting to the Chiang Mai canyon is pretty easy, only around 20-25 minutes down Hang Dong. There are actually various heights that you can jump from including 10 meters and 20 meters, as well as some lesser ones for the less braves. 

On that part, we should note that you will notice some "no swimming" signs, since some people died last year on the Canyon. The reason they died is due to the fact that they did not know how to swim, not because of the danger of the cliffs!

Best Period to do it: October - April

Hotels & Resorts: 6 Wellness Hotels & 8 Places

Climb Mt. Batur in Bali

Hindu believe that Mt. Batur, Bali is one of the most sacred mountains in Indonesia, reaching 1717 m above sea level, while its summit can be reached within 2-3 hours. Since it's an active volcano, it attracts worldwide tourists for its natural beauty and mesmerizing sunrise. Moreover, when you reach the top of the mountain, you can see monkey while you can actually cook over the hot air from batur.

The best way to explore Mt. Batur is with a tour. Since the trekking trail is pretty difficult, especially if you are inexperienced, you will most probably find yourself lost if you go only by yourselves, so we would recommend you to join a tour, which will give you hints about the mountain and make your trip even safer!

Best Period to do it: April - September

Hotels & Resorts: 72 Wellness Hotels & 84 Places

Skydive in the Philippines

If you are one of those extreme couples who want adrenaline in their romantic holidays, then you should definitely visit the Philippines. Indeed, skydiving in the Philippines is an extremely popular activity, and the country is packed with amazing places to do that activity.

The best places to go skydiving in the Philippines are Cebu Island, Pampangga, Davao Oriental, Vigan, and Subic Bay!

Best Period to do it: November - June

Hotels & Resorts: 9 Wellness Hotels & 48 Places