Breakfast is undoubtedly the most important meal of the day, and that applies a little more on vacations when you need plenty of energy during the day. Most hotels, nowadays, serve continental breakfasts. However, only a few stand out for their unique and delicious breakfast choices: Mykonos Theoxenia Hotel is one of them!

Following Next: We will talk about Mykonos Theoxenia’s breakfast, explore more of the hotel, as well as the rest of Mykonos Island!

Breakfast at Mykonos Theoxenia | A Feast of the Gods

The breakfast is served in a buffet style, including continental delicacies to match all kinds of tastes. However, traditional Greek breakfast recipes are what you should crave for. There is a variety of bread and pies that you can try including apple pie, spinach pie, olive pie, spinach pie and, our favorite feta pie.

Coffee lovers rejoice! You can order all kinds of coffee during breakfast, including cappuccino and double espresso, without additional cost. On the other hand, if you are not a fan of coffee, you can have a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice!

Of course, we could not miss mentioning the traditional local marmalades, which are particularly popular since they are highly associated with the traditional Mykonian cuisine. Some of the flavors we recommend you to try are: gooseberry, peach, cherry, tangerine, fig, apple, and strawberry.

→ Extra Tip:  Local marmalades are best served with Greek yogurt! 

  Mykonos Theoxenia Hotel has made sure to take athletes into consideration as well, by including a wide selection of healthy snacks and super-foods into the breakfast menu. If you are a fan of cereals, you can try the white chocolate cereal, whole wheat cereal, corn cereal, quaker and muesli. On the buffet, you can also find a wide variety of dry fruits and nuts, such as dried banana slices, dried figs, cranberries, almonds, cashews, raisins, dried prunes, peach compote and more

From the hot dishes available , you should try the turkey sausages, gourmet turkey and chicken slices, bacon, breakfast sausages, beer salami, and smoked pork. For something more traditional, taste the ntakos (cretan rusks), backlava, karydopitta (walnutt cake), local chocolates, kazan tibi, homemade cookies or panforte.

Now that you have filled your stomach ... it's time to explore the hotel!


Mykonos Theoxenia Hotel | Tips & Information

Mykonos Theoxenia is one of the most beautiful design hotels in Mykonos, designed by the famous architect Aris Constantinides.

A one-of-a-kind type of room and an ideal place to take your breakfast is the Junior Suite, featuring, among others, a double king-sized bed and a pergola-shaded veranda with a private outdoor lounge. The honeymooners can choose tostay  at the specially-designed Honeymoon Suites!

"The Plate" is the hotel's gourmet restaurant serving both International and Greek dishes. Do not miss the beef fillet with Mavrodafni wine and honey sauce, accompanied by seasoned baby potatoes. 

You can enjoy a fine glass of champagne, or a fruity cocktail at the Freeze Bar, which is separated in an indoors and an outdoors area. Various snacks are also served at the bar, and can keep your stomach filled during the day!

If among those people who want to further enhance their well-being , with the help of a professional, you can enjoy a full spa session right after your breakfast, since the spa opens at 10:00 am. 

Mykonos Island Experience | Gazing over the Blue!

The elegance of Mykonos is easily observable from the first moment you set foot on this island. Mykonos Theoxenia Hotel can be easily located. It is in the center of Mykonos Chora, only 10 minutes away from both the port and the airport.

Did you know? Mykonos Windmills can be seen from every corner of Mykonos Chora, and they are the first thing you see when you enter the island's harbour.

Mykonos Chora is very lively, full of tourist shops, cafes, bars, and restaurants of all kinds of tastes. The Mykonos Windmills are located outside of the hotel, so the first thing you should do on your arrival, is to visit them first. After several selfies at the windmills, you can head to the Little Venice, an area on the western side of the island, 2 minutes away from the hotel, where the town meets the sea!

Additionally, Mykonos is packed with numerous things to do,  from sightseeing, to impressive shopping venues and alluring beaches. 

Mykonos Must-Dos :

Dinner overlooking the Sunset: Mykonos Little Venice is among the most romantic places on the island, packed with taverns and gourmet restaurants, and an it's excellent spot to see the sunset!

→ Elia Beach: One the most popular beaches on the island, attracting the majority of the travelers. It's also a gay hotspot, with some of its parts beeing clothing optional.

→ Gioras Wood Medieval Mykonian Bakery: It is actually the oldest bakery on the island, where you can taste delicious snacks and pastries, as well as traditional Greek sweets such as baklava and honey balls.

 Cooking Classes: There is no better way to explore the local food cuisine than learning how to cook it yourself...with the help of a local, of course. There are plenty of cooking classes available, taught by local women who are willing to share their knowledge!

→ Walking Tour: There are actually countless walking tours available in Mykonos, and they are a great way to explore the island, discover hidden beaches and learn about the history of the local sightseeing attractions. 

→ House of Lena: Being a 19th-century middle-class Mykonian house, Lena's makes a big impression. It is named after its owner, Lena Skrivanou, and contains exquisite antique furnishings and  unique decorations