Homeland of the world-class footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, Funchal is a modern, cosmopolitan and rejuvenated city with all-year-round warm climate and incomparable natural beauty. The city is proud home to a good array of high-end restaurants, stunning new 4 & 5 star hotels and a varied nightlife with multiple personalities.

Since it is located on the sunniest coast of Portugal, Funchal is a superb city to grab some sunlight any time of the year. Funchal visitors can also enjoy various outdoor activities like diving, surfing, boat trips, swimming with dolphins, whale-watching, excursions along the coast, paragliding, or simply people watching at cafes and outside garden venues.

As referred above, Funchal is packed with great hotels and resorts, giving a plethora of accommodation options to its visitors. Among the properties in Funchal, there is a stunning hotel that stands out for its minimal, chic and boutique design. Let's discover Se Boutique Hotel!

Made for people… by people!

The cosmopolitan, urban and swanky   Se Boutique Hotel is a hidden gem in the very heart of Funchal City, with many sights, shopping areas, and seafront shops being on its doorstep. It goes by the motto “made for people, by people”, which highlights the personalized experience that travelers enjoy while staying in this hotel.

It has a minimal design with all of its room walls being entirely painted in white. Its decoration was inspired by the renowned Cathedral of Funchal, a monument of great historical, architectural and artistic value. Overall, it's a great resort that offers great hospitality and high-quality services. Lastly, it is home to a marvelous art gallery where you can enjoy works by local, national and international artists.

Sleep a quiet night

The rooms are modern with a sober, elegant decor and a huge load of facilities. All of them feature white walls, wooden floor, and minimal white furniture. A distinguished design feature is the beds' headboards, which were inspired by the Cathedral of Funchal. They reproduce the image of the tiles in the Cathedral that date from the year 1493. Overall, they all share a similar minimal environment!

The rooms spread from 13 sqm, which is the Standard Single Room, up to 20 sqm, which is the Junior Suite. For a premium experience, you should opt for the Junior Suite offering a unique and elegant ambiance that you will hardly find anywhere else. You can choose a suite that overlooks the traditional roofs of the city or the azure blue of the Atlantic Ocean, it's only up to you.

If you are planning to stay for several days, so you are searching for more budget-friendly accommodation, you should opt for the Standard Double or Single Rooms. At a very low cost, you will stay in a spacious, well-designed room, packed with many facilities while overlooking a colorful tropical garden.

Dining in Style

Craving for some good Italian pizza or past? Since 1995, Restaurant 'Cosy Scoozi' stands out for its unique design, entirely painted in green, and delicious menu. The vintage golden frames of paintings and photos decorating the walls complement greatly the restaurant's entirely green furniture.

Or, you are feeling like dining al fresco? "O Calhau" Restaurant offers a unique experience to its guests, since it's located right next to the Cathedral Tower. Its beautiful terrace, diverse menu and mix of flavors, smells and colors make it one of the best places to dine in the city.

For a casual coffee in the morning or a snack through the day, head to the absolutely gorgeous Lobby Cafe. Of course, every coffee of yours will be accompanied by a delicious pastel de belem, a sweet custard cake that has been elected one of the "7 Wonders of Portuguese Gastronomy".

360 Views and a Cocktail on hand!

A wonderful veranda with 360 views over the city of Funchal will become your favorite spot to enjoy your morning breakfast and evening coffee break. Terrace Bar is among the best spots in Funchal where you can observe in detail the Cathedral of Funchal. There are also frequent live violin shows which you can attend during the afternoons-evenings.

A Boutique Experience you will remember! 

Last but not least, the hotel’s inner tropical garden is a secluded sanctuary that will take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city, to a serene environment where you can relax and unwind. Overwhelmed by the city's vibrant life, this will be the ideal place to feel peaceful and refreshed. Well, what holds you back from this amazing experience? Don't waste any more time and   check prices directly at the hotel here!