In every type of sport, there are the normal and rewarding experiences and then there are the crème de la crème experiences. The mountain climber wants to tackle Mount Everest. The ice skater wants a gold medal in the Olympics. These are the events that people dream of.

The same is true for hikers. There are certain hikes that every hiker dreams of taking on and accomplishing. Many of these crème de la crème trails are in Europe. Below we will feature a few of the most rewarding, challenging, and remarkable trails around the world. No doubt, you will add some of these experiences to your “bucket list”.

When you begin your UK and International journey, we recommend you do your homework. You can have your luggage sent ahead for more convenience. You are going to challenging locations, and your gear is very important. From the boots, you select, to the food you carry, every detail matters.

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Photo by Galen Crout on Unsplash

Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain in Africa. Early explorers were in awe of this snow-capped African marvel. Kilimanjaro is also the tallest freestanding mountain on the planet. There are a lot of hiking trails to take you to the summit. The journey takes experienced hikers 5 to 6 days to complete. Inexperienced hikers are discouraged from attempting this journey.

This hike is not a “mountain climb”. No mountain climbing gear is needed. However, you are ascending 13,000 feet for 55 miles (88.5139 kilometers). During the journey, you will experience rainforests, desert, snow, ice, and moors. Altitude sickness is a concern.

Completing this hike will take you to a natural paradise overlooking Africa. There is no other hike like it in the world.

Tour du Mont Blanc

Photo Credits: Pixabay

This European treasure includes France, Switzerland, and Italy on the route. It is considered to be the premier hiking experience in Europe and is often called a luxurious hike. But, don’t mistake that for easy. It is beautiful and the summit is an experience of a lifetime, but many experienced hikers fall short of making it.

The Alpine trail takes you around the mountain instead of directly to the summit. It is a grueling experience. However, you will pass through towns with inns, restaurants, and even luxury hotels. You can rest for the night in a hotel room that is the European experience of the Princess Royale in the United States.

The hike is just over 100.5 miles (170 kilometers) and each leg is 10 miles (16.9 kilometers) and you ascend roughly 4200 feet. While this is not as hard as a straight up climb, it is exhausting. At the same time, it is both beautiful and challenging. 

England Coast-to-Coast

Photo Credits: Pixabay

The 9-day journey allows you to walk from The Irish Sea to the North Sea. It is 192-miles (roughly 309 kilometers) walk. The route was established in 1973. There is no other journey like it. You literally walk across the country.

Along the way, you will see the true culture of England. You will visit towns and communities while seeing the beauty of England.

There are many hikes around the world that the avid hiker longs to experience. These are some of the finest. But, take advantage of the hikes near you to condition your body for these life-changing experiences. You will be glad you did.