Many consider it as important as the Acropolis of Athens or the Temple of Apollo in Delphi, Santorini's breathtaking Caldera has managed to become one of the iconic landmarks of Greece, and a must-see for anyone who visits the country. Some would say that no trip to Greece is complete without a visit to the Caldera.

The island's history and the circumstances that led to the Caldera's creation are enough to make your heart skip a beat when you first step on the island. While, when you find yourself at the top of the Caldera, you will forget about the worries of this world and be mesmerized by the stunning view ahead of you.

The stunning, white-washed villages hanging at the edge of the Caldera and the endless blue of the Aegean that looks like it disappears in the horizon will be the highlights of your Caldera experience.

A Luxury Resort on the Santorini Caldera where Dreams & Reality blend together!

"There is not such thing as the perfect hotel" I used to say proudly almost my entire life, until a luxury hotel on the Caldera made me change my mind completely. I am talking for Pegasus Suites & Spa. The place where you can't tell dream from reality, and everything seems to just work out perfectly.

From its stunning Caldera Views to the spacious cave-like rooms and the stunning resort facilities that do not compromise neither on the quality nor the quantity. Waking up to the blue of the Aegean Sea, enjoying a delicious breakfast at the privacy of your own terrace, watching the sunset from your private infinity-edge pool, and so many other activities that feel like you are in a dream.

Despite the above, the heart and soul of the resort and the real reason for that seamlessly good stay is its staff. Friendly, discreet and personalized they do everything they can to satisfy you, which makes you feel so good. To fully understand the feeling you have to experience it yourself - and you can do it right away by   booking at Pegasus Suites & Spa here.

Trust us, you won't regret it!

The Minoan Eruption | An Awe-Inspiring History that dates back in 1610 BC

Santorini is an outcome of a dreadful event that occurred in 1.610 BC. We are referring to the Minoan Eruption that ravaged the then-called Thera, and resulted to much of the island's shape to be destroyed and submerged underwater. More than 40,000 people were killed throughout the Aegean while the eruption provoked a huge tsunami that hit the nearby island of Crete.

The volcano is still considered to be active up to today, however, 1.610BC was the last time that showed signs of activity. 

Santorini's Caldera Today | A Romantic Hub for Couples & Honeymooners

The dramatic landscape of the Caldera and the breathtaking sunset from Skaros Rock have given Santorini a spot in many collections with the top romantic destinations in the world. As Santorini's reputation grew bigger, more and more luxurious hotels popped up on the Caldera, giving another flair of luxury in the destination.

As the target audience was mainly couples, hotels added facilities and services that would cater exclusively to them, further upgrading the romantic experience of the island. And, this is how Santorini was turned into a romantic getaway for romantic trips, honeymoons, or even destination weddings.

Romantic Things to do in Santorini overlooking the Caldera | Activities that all Couples love!

There are so many romantic things to do in Santorini, that you can never get bored on this island. The most popular activity is by far dining overlooking the Caldera. Picture yourself and your other half under the starry sky, overlooking the twinkling lights of Caldera's Villages and Hotels while enjoying a private dinner in front of your suite's infinity pool. This is what we are talking about.

Catamaran Cruises have recently become very popular, allowing you to explore the Caldera, dive in the middle of the crater, and enjoy your favorite cocktail in an intimate environment either by yourselves, or with other people on board - it's up to you. Wine Tasting is another great option for wine lovers while beaches exploration will leave you speechless (Santorini may not have many beaches although it makes up for this offering a unique setting, like the ones with black and red sand).

And, never forget: most of your Santorini experiences will bear an unrepeatable backdrop, the Caldera!