Coimbra is generally an open minded city but compared to other big Portuguese cities it can be characterised as conservative. The local gay and lesbian people keep a low profile so it's really difficult to distinguish it in first sight! Attacks due to sexual orientation are extremely rare because there are laws protecting the LGBT community! Nevertheless, we recommend you to keep a discreet profile for your utmost safe!

Gay Accommodation 

There aren't any exclusively gay hotels or resorts in Coimbra but you will be able to find several excellent gay friendly ones. 

Gay Families

Coimbra is a small and peaceful city with extremely low criminality rate that even walking alone in the night is very safe! It offers amazing food opportunities and its unique local cuisine is going to amaze you. For a more educational approach, you should definitely visit the numerous sightseeing attractions and museums. Even though Coimbra is generally a conservative city, the low criminality rate combined with the vast entertainment options make it an excellent city destination for gay families!

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