There are countless of islands in Asia, but very few that can compete with the beauty of Phuket. Well... you wouldn't expect less of an island called the "pearl of the Andaman". There are many aspects of Phuket that will easily convince you to visit it and one of them is, of course, its numerous traditional beach towns with their imposing landscapes and white-sand beaches.

A beautiful town, called Kata Beach, lurks on Phuket's western coast and it has managed to earn a reputation of its own the past few years. During its low season period, Kata Beach seduces sailors and surfers with its enhancing waves waiting to be tamed while the peak season finds it packed with sunbathers enjoying the warmth of the sun and snorkelers exploring its rich seabed.

Even if there isn't much sightseeing to do in or around the town, there are so many activities and things to do that you won't even notice it. To name just a few, Kata Beach boasts of its sandy crystal-clear beach -many consider it the best beach in Phuket, its iconic viewpoint that will make up the perfect landscape for your Instagram photo-shooting, its fine selection of small restaurants and eateries, its rich shopping culture, as well as the diversity of sports and activities to do.

Due to the popularity of the destination, there are many luxury hotels and resorts in the town. However, you will notice that most of them are not as close to the beach as you would expect. For this reason (and many more), the   SIS Kata Phuket Resort stands out for its excellent location very close to Kata's main beach, as well as for its stunning direct views over the Andaman Sea!

Check In ~Overlooking the Andaman!

Even with its main moto 'Stay in Style', the SIS Kata Resort does not fully prepare you for the luxury that you are going to meet in its premises. Its luxury suites follow the hotel's general direction, featuring a distinguishing design that will make you say 'wow!' upon entering the room. All of the resort's rooms share advanced facilities and luxurious services, and they do not compromise on their quality.

The "SIS" Suite" is a special room that, in addition to offering great facilities, offers a spacious living area with an over-sized bathroom for two, as well as superb 'to-die-for' views. Of course, the biggest surprise will come when you step on the room's balcony and see the stunning view over the Andaman Sea. You can find out more about the hotel rooms here or   check for prices directly at the hotel here!

Now that you have found out where to stay, it's high time you discovered how you can fill your weekend in Kata Beach!

Kata Beach; The 2nd Most Popular Beach in Phuket!

Kata Beach is so beautiful that simply can’t get enough of it! It's the second most popular beach on the island — which is something truly noteworthy, considering the really high competition  in an island like Phuket.  During the peak season, hundreds of people (foreigners and locals) visit it for sunbathing and swimming, however, you will notice that the beach never gets too crowded.

 From November to April,the beach is as flat as a pancake. Its waters are so warm that even the most cold-blooded  ones would not complain. And how could they, when they are swimming in this beautiful turquoise-colour and crystal clear sea? The swimming conditions  become rougher from May to October,  which is the period when the beach attracts the most surfers.

There are available sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach, however, about 90% of the coast is unorganized. You can also  bring your own umbrella and beach mat that you can get at a nearby shop, or visit the upper side of the beach, which has many shaded areas where you can chill out without the need on an umbrella.

You will notice that all kinds of vendors roam the beach selling ice-cream, fresh local fruits, sarongs, sunglasses, and beachwear. And guess the best part;  The SIS Kata Resort is only two minutes walking from the beach! Check out its location by clicking here, and make your daily excursions to the beach easy as a pie

Karon Viewpoint; Instagram-worthy Captions of Phuket!

You cannot simply stay in Kata Beach and not visit the most popular viewpoint in Phuket, Karon Viewpoint. If there could be an image that could show at a glance what Phuket is all about, it would be taken from Karon Viewpoint. Of course, it's also a great place to watch the sunset, or enjoy the lighted Kata Beach Town when the sun goes down.

The viewpoint can be easily accessed by car, while it's only 5 minutes driving and 30 minutes walking from "The SIS Kata Phuket". Extra tip: make sure to visit it on a day with excellent weather conditions in order to fully admire the beauty of its surroundings. 

A laid-back nightlife experience for all kinds of tastes!

Your nights in Kata might not be as "crazy" as in the town of Patong, but, the local venues offer an equally thrilling experience that will surely keep your spirit up through the night. Well, is there a better way to start your Phuket nightlife experience, than with a tropical cocktail overlooking the sunset? Twilight Sky, one of The SIS Kata Phuket's bars, offers the best sunset views in Phuket and with stunning views over the Andaman Sea, making it the perfect venue to enjoy your evening cocktail.

After your cocktail, you can either choose to explore the town and enjoy a cool drink at the iconic Ska Bar, located on the southern end of Kata Beach, drink a casual beer and try local dishes in the breathtaking After Beach Bar, or try local seafood dishes with stunning views over the Andaman Sea at the Heaven Rooftop Bar/Restaurant.

For a more stylish evening at the premises of a modern bar, you can either visit Z Bar Plus where you can enjoy all kinds of drinks including signature cocktails and mocktails in an intimate and modern environment, or enjoy a drink at the privacy of your own room's balcony!

Eat to your heart's content!

Two days will not be enough to get a gasp of Kata Beach's local food culture. From high-end restaurants to street vendors, Kata Beach will surprise you with its diversity of dining options. The SIS Kata Phuket has a great restaurant, called Dawn til Dusk, where you can enjoy your daily breakfast, as well as various dishes through the day. For a gourmet dinner in an elegant environment, op to Dawn til Dusk and try the special signature menu served every evening!

In general, you will find high-end restaurants in Southern Kata, family-owned businesses on the northern part of the island, and touristic restaurants in-between. There are also many street vendors selling cheap local dishes that you can eat on-the-go, and you can usually find them roaming the town's streets or beach.

Shopping, Shopping and SHOPPING!

Photo Credits: @AsiaWebDirect

To be fair and square, you need at least two days to explore Kata Beach's bustling shopping scene. The main shopping scene is centered around Kata's three way intersection (5 minutes driving from the hotel), while the most popular bazaars are located opposite of the Club Med (15 minutes walking from the hotel). Since most visitors tend to go shopping in the afternoon, we recommend you to arrange your shopping expeditions in the Midday/morning.

The town's shopping scene includes various boutique stores, walk-in-walk-out street stalls, as well as shopping malls that resemble to a bazaar. Keep in mind that the prices are pretty negotiable and most of the locals will cheerfully discuss for a better price.

These will be just a few of the highlights of your trip in Kata Beach in Phuket. In case you have a car, we would also recommend you to visit other neaby towns like Patong, Karon or Rawai. You can start planing your trip in Kata, by   booking your accommodation here!

We wish you a pleasant and super-fun journey!