Naoussa is a traditional fishing village located on the northern shores of Paros. The small town has managed to gain a great reputation, even greater than the island's capital, Parikia. This is a very rare phenomenon in the Greek Islands, since their capitals (or Choras), are usually their most popular settlements!

Being a developed tourist destination, Naoussa features a lively night scene with many bars, cafes and restaurants. Clothes boutiques and souvenir shops can be also found everywhere. But what you are going to love about Naoussa is by far its amazing taverns and delicious food.

Since Paros is a relatively small island, you can easily wonder around the island by car. Parikia is only 17 minutes away from Naoussa by car, and Kolymbithres Village are only 11 minutes away as well. Devote a day in village and town exploration, and you will definitely not regret it.

Similar to any other Greek Island, the best period to visit Paros is from June to Early September, when the weather is the hottest and the beaches are warm. The island gets pretty crowded during that period, so, if you want a more relaxed season, we would recommend you to visit during Easter (usually in April).

Having learnt a little more about Naoussa and Paros, we are going to discover a particular resort that has won the heart of every travelers that has visited it. Its name is   Naoussa Hills Boutique Resort, and it's a great Adult's Only hotel located only 3km from the Center of Naoussa, and 5 minutes away from some of the best beaches on the island. 

Naoussa Hills Boutique Resort: A Story only for Adults!

We all love children, but when we are on our holidays, we seek for peace and tranquility. This is not possible when staying in big or family-friendly hotels. Well, you don't have to worry at all when staying in Naoussa Hills Boutique, since it's an Adults-Only hotel that only accepts children older than 13.

Paros had always been an island for families, thus the majority of the hotels are family-family and the couples had to endure the noisy children of the other guests. This hotel was specially created for couples or groups of friends who want to find peace in their holidays. Of course, small families with children older than 13 years old are also welcome!

A stunning view over the island is guaranteed since the hotel is located on a hill that overlooks Naoussa. You will also get to see directly the islands of Naxos, Mykonos, Tinos and Ikaria.

As referred above, the hotel is located only 3km away from the center of Naoussa, while it's about 5 minutes from amazing beaches like Kolumpithres Beach (10' by car), Monastiri Beach (16' by car), Punda Beach (19' by car), Piso Livadi Beach (17' by car), and Piperi Beach (7' by car).

Exquisite Accommodation to remember!

The hotel boasts of its minimal and modern design, which is greatly reflected on the hotel's rooms and suites. There are 7 types of rooms, aiming to satisfy all kinds of travelers, either groups of friends up to 6 people, couples, or even small families with 13+ years old children.

The Presidential Suite and the 2 Bedroom Villas are the perfect option for double-dating holidays, featuring 2 bedrooms, each of the featuring its own bathroom. The Suite will make you feel more comfortable since it's like a small house, while the villas will give you more space since they are on 2 levels, featuring 2 private gardens. 

The 3 Bedroom Villas were created for large groups of friends, up to 6 people. They feature 3 bedrooms & bathrooms, while they spread on two levels. Similar to the 2 levels villa, they feature 2 private gardens and terraces, as well as a fully equipped kitchen.

Hotel Facilities & Events

There are many facilities that are going to make you love this hotel even more. Since the hotel is very close to the port, you will find many restaurants, cafes and bars nearby the hotel. The hotel's manager is very friendly, so he will most probably suggest to you some must-visit restaurants/bars as well!

The breakfast is distinguished for its diversity and inclusion of organic and fresh products. The marmalades are homemade and you can even see the trees where the fruits were taken from. In-Room breakfast is also available.

BBQ Facilities are always at your disposal in case you want to throw a BBQ party, while there is a heated outdoor swimming pool working all-year-round. For a relaxing massage session, you can also contact the hotel and they will arrange it for you.

The hotel is centrally located so there are various activities to do nearby, from cycling, to hiking, swimming, and trekking. Beach & Village Exploration should be also included in your schedule, since the island is packed with beautiful locations.

The hotel offers many other facilities while it organizes weddings as well. The swimming pool and the hotel's gardens can host up to 150 people, while a full buffet menu and bar facility will be at your disposal. Apart from wedding, you can arrange a birthday party or even a business function!