Who knew that such a terrible volcano eruption 3,500 years ago would create the dramatic and beautiful setting that we would get to admire in Santorini today? Santorini is what has remained of an island that used to be called Thera. Only thinking that you are actually standing on the crater of an active volcano will make your heart pump a little faster than usually!

Santorini has two different "faces" to show, even though only one of them makes the island stand out from the others. The north-eastern part of Santorini is the least popular one, so it's mainly recommend for alternative romantic holidays. There you may find several picturesque villages and towns, some of which being Emporio, Kamari and Perissa, as well as beautiful beaches, thrilling vineyards, and ancient sights!

However, the elevated west coast of Santorini is the one that lures thousands of couples and newlyweds annually, and the one that is going to convert your romantic holidays into a breathtaking trip to remember. The villages and towns on that coast are literally hanging from a steep cliff, offering direct views over the caldera and sunset views whose reputation has crossed the seven seas since long time ago.

With a little research, you will realize that most Santorinian hotels follow the typical Cycladic architecture, and are housed in white-washed buildings that blend perfectly with Santorini's Mediterranean environment. There is a particular hotel though, in Imerovigli, that stands out from the others, making you feel like you stay in a traditional Greek neighborhood. Let’s discover how you can spend 48 hours in Santorini, while staying in   Astra Suites!

Let's discover how you can spend 48 hours in Santorini in case you choose to stay in Astra Suites!

1st Day - You & I

The first day is devoted exclusively to you and your partner. The day is filled activities that will re-ignite your love throughout wonderful experiences that shape your most beautiful dreams. And why don't you take it a step further? Detox yourself from families, clients, co-workers, and even friends, and turn off these little devils that we call smartphones!

09:00 | Breakfast in Bed: Your breakfast will be delivered in your hotel room at any time of your preference,  between 06:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. The breakfast includes by default a small basket of fresh rolls, butter, home-made jam, honey, croissants & mini muffins, while you can enrich your breakfast with a wide diversity of eggs, cold & hot beverages, juices, yogurt, cereals and cold cuts.

10:00 | Oia Beaches Exploration: There are various beaches nearby Oia, the closest one being Baxedes (about 3km away). Baxedes is an unorganized but cozy black sand beach with plenty of shade, ideal for those who want to relax and avoid the big crowds. In case you like more lively beaches, you can check out Ammoudi Beach.

13:00 | Dining & Shopping in Oia: You must be starving by now, so there is not a better time to explore Oia's delicious eateries and small shops. Grab something quick and easy to eat while walking like the reputed Greek Souvlaki - you are in Greece, after all - and continue your walk at the picturesque alleys of Oia. During your walk, you will encounter various art galleries, lots of souvenir shops, as well as sights like the Byzantine Castle Ruins and the Maritime Museum.

15:30 | Private Boat Tour: Now that you have seen a little bit of Oia, head quickly to the hotel since you are not going to catch the private boat tour. A luxurious wooden sailing yacht is waiting to guide you to the island's Palea and New Kameni islets, which were created from the volcano's magma. The tour lasts for many hours, however, it can be tailor-made to suite better your needs. Of course, you will be treated with local delicacies throughout the trip while you will get to see the sunset from the sea as well, which is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

21:00 | Romantic Private Dinner:  With such a full day, you will most probably feel hungry after your boat tour, so take the chance and surprise your partner with a romantic candlelight dinner arranged by the hotel. The menu will include gourmet Greek & Mediterranean dishes, which can be complemented with a bottle of high-quality wine of your choice. Or else, you could simply order from the hotel's room service menu and enjoy your meal in the privacy of your own room! 

2nd Day - We: Overwhelmed

The 2nd day is still devoted to you and your partner, but not as exclusively as the 1st one. During this day, you will do various activities in Santorini, like discovering the top local hotspots, as well as socializing with other couples in elegant and cozy cafes & bars.

☀ Vacations Challenge: You are both allowed to answer only up to 3 calls and messages! ;)

08:30 | Breakfast in Bed (2nd Edition): Since you will be extra active this day, we recommend you to create a breakfast packed with proteins and carbs, that will be able to sustain you until your next meal. We recommend you to include in your meal the egg whites with onion, mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes, cold cuts like turkey, oats and Greek yogurt.

09:30 | Akrotiri Excavations: Now that your are full, you are ready to seize the day, it's high time you started your Santorini exploration. The best and most convenient way to explore the island is with a private tour by Blue Shades of Greece. That way, you will both avoid the boring driving of your trip. Your first stop will be the Excavations of Akrotiri.  Being one of the most well-preserved ancient settlements of the Aegean, the pre-historic city of Akrotiri will transfer you back to ancient times. You need at least one and a half hours in order to fully explore the site, while you will be thrilled seeing buildings that date back so many centuries ago standing tall until today. You can click here and get directions from the hotel!

12:00 | Santorini Beaches: Nearby the excavations of Akrotiri, you are going to find many great beaches as well. First, head to the black beach (Directions from Akrotiri Excavations), whose natural views and clear waters are ideal for sunbathing and swimming. Also, don't miss to visit the beach's cave as well - the experience is priceless. Nearby the black beach, you will also find the widely known Red Beach, which is also a must-visit (Directions from the black beach to the red beach).

14:00 | The Perfect Conclusion: While returning to the hotel, you can make a stop in various Santorinian hotspots like the Venetian Castle in Akrotiri, the Museum of Prehestoric Thira, or even the steep Ekklisia Theoskepasti hiking trail. Your trip will be concluded with a marvelous wine tasting and food pairing experience, through which an expert sommelier will guide you through Santorini's unique wine culture. The wine-tasting takes place in one of the most popular wineries on the island, Domaine Sigalas!

16:00 | Holistic Massage for Two: You must be tired after your exploration of Santorini, and you most probably crave for a couple hours relaxing in your room. Well, you could either do that or try the V.I.P. Jacuzzi and steam room package, which, in addition to the relaxation that you will receive, a special bottle of champagne, fresh fruits and chocolates will make your experience even sweeter than before.

18:00 | An Evening Cocktail overlooking the sunset!: After your spa, and now that you feel 10 years younger, the Astra Suites Pool Bar is the perfect place for you to enjoy a fabulous cocktail overlooking the sunset. For a more elegant evening, you can ask for a delightful bottle of Santorini wine!

21:00 | Gourmet Dinner at the hotel's Restaurant: Allow your 2nd day to conclude with a gourmet dinner at the hotel's main restaurant, Astra Restaurant. Its name derives from the twinkling lights of Santorini's villages which will make you feel like you are dining surrounded by a starry sky. The menu includes original Greek & Mediterranean dishes, all served with a gourmet twist.

This is how you can spend two full days in Santorini with your partner. In case you want to explore more of the hotel, you can check out its website by clicking here, or else, you could   check prices directly here!