Misty mountains and colorful hill tribes make Chiang Mai a delight for adventurers and shoppers. Chiang Mai is known as the destination for everyone, as nightlife and peacefulness seem to co-exist there. But, we will not talk about Chiang Mai, but the ultimate holiday experience found only a 40 minutes' drive from Chiang Mai. Awesome, isn't it? Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you: Onsen @ Moncham

The Onsen Experience: An on-earth Paradise in Thailand!

Close your eyes.

Imagine yourself in a peaceful environment, reading your new favorite book while surrounded by lush greenery, the birds singing around you, and the koi fish swimming playfully at the nearby pond. Or, waking up to your royal residence, only to soak up some sun at your private jacuzzi before heading for your breakfast. These are all experiences that you enjoy when staying at   Onsen @ Monchan. And, also, the ones that will make it the best holiday experience of your life.

Where to Stay: Room options for all travellers

Going with the moto "living as one with nature", Onsen @ Monchan offers a diversity of rooms, separating them into one-bedroom, two-bedrooms, and three-bedrooms categories, which is quite great as it allows you to find the ideal room for you almost immediately. Bellow, we have selected the types of rooms that we recommend based on with whom you are travelling with: your other half, your family or your friends.

For Couples

Naturally, the 1-bedroom rooms are great for couples, even though most of them can host up to four people. The Grand Mountain View Room is an excellent budget-friendly choice that stands out for its gorgeous views over the garden, and its smart facilities like the spa rain shower, the Japanese inspired Washlet toilet, and the 55-inch smart TV. The room spreads through 45 sqm, and ideal for up to four people, even tho we would recommend it mainly for couples.

Another excellent choice is the One Bedroom Royal Residence, which was created for the few, as it spreads through 300 sqm. This room is spacious, equipped with advanced facilities and services, among of which two truly stand out. Firstly, the room has a spacious jacuzzi in its private terrace overlooking the lush greenery, which is great if you want to spend your evening soaking up while listening to your favorite music. While, secondly, this room's guests also enjoy tailored butler service. It is highly recommended for honeymooners as it provides the most suitable experience for this occasion. 

For Families or Groups of Friends

If you are travelling with your besties, or family, then we have great news for you. The hotel's 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom rooms offer high-quality accommodation, while they are spacious enough to host 4+ people comfortably. Among the rooms, Tivo Two-Bedroom Royal Residence and Four Bedroom Emperor Suite stood out.

The Four Bedroom Emperor Suite took its name from the ancient kingdom of Japan, and it stands out for its breathtaking balcony located 1200 meters above sea level, overlooking stunning mountain and garden views. The room can host up to 12 guests with a minimum of 4 adults.

The Two-Bedroom Royal Residence is another splendid choice that spreads through an area of more than 300 sqm. What stands out in this room is the outdoor terrace with the stunning jacuzzi that boasts a stunning views, ideal for special Zen moments. It can host up to 9 people, so it's super comfortable even for large families.

3 Restaurants: The Ultimate Dining Experience

We all know how important is food for our travels. Onsen @ Mocham seems to fully acknowledge food's importance by including 3 brilliant bar-restaurants in its grounds. Mee | Zü | Nam, Ee | Sü | Ki and Ka | Fe. Craving for some delicious Thai or Japanese cuisine in an open-air restaurant? Mee | Zü | Nam is there for you. Its delicious seafood dishes will surprise you. Or, maybe, you want to enjoy a light meal before heading to Chiang Mai. Then, Ka | Fe is the answer.

Ka | Fe offers light bites including fresh noodles, and delicious sushi, at the sushi bar. There, you will also find the signature infused waters available only at Onsen @ Moncham. For a fancy evening with fruity cocktails, oak aged wines and gourmet snack, head to Ee | Sü | Ki. There you can also choose from a wide range of Japanese and Thai whiskies, as well as hand selected cigars.

Onsen: the heart of the resort

A relaxing experience that took inspiration from the famous hot springs of Japan sounds fascinating, doesn't it? The resort's heart and soul, Onsen, is there to provide a memorable wellness experience to those want to relax and achieve zen mode. From the therapeutic pools that use mineral water sourced 100 meters below ground, to the advanced Thai Spa techniques performed by specialists, you are guaranteed to enjoy the most relaxing experience of your entire life. Enjoy a treatment and allow this place to breathe life into you!

Let yourself Relax at Onsen @ Moncham!

In the end, Onsen @ Moncham gifts you a relaxing experience that will want to experience every year. So, there is not a reason to delay it any longer, just pack your clothes, wear your best mood, and enjoy the ultimate relaxing experience 40 minutes from Yangon!