The current situation of the world pandemic has pretty much-affected everyone’s travel plans. It has almost put a stop to all trips and vacations. But let us tell you something interesting! Now is the best time to take that solo trip you have always wanted to have.

Because one: the travel is currently not that expensive and two: you will have a more peaceful trip as there will be fewer people around you.

To wake up at a new place on your vacation is a magical feeling. It makes you appreciate your life and the blessings that you can visit a new location. It is undoubtedly beyond your comfort zone, but it is also fascinating and fulfilling.

The fun and satisfying taste of ethnic cuisine, the chaos of a new city life, and sunsets on new horizons that you have never seen before are mesmerizing. All this is called wanderlust, and it is genuinely addictive. If a person gets the taste of traveling (especially alone), then no one can stop them from leaving that hobby.

Traveling alone is an excellent way of building one’s character; it breaks down barriers and gives confidence to a person. But, since there is a global pandemic out there that is wreaking havoc on everyone, most people are confined to their homes.

Many countries have closed their borders for tourism, and many people are unable to visit beautiful places. The crisis caused by COVID-19 has caused harm to the travel industry immensely on businesses as well as on people.

But since there are still some places that are open for tourism, we suggest that you pack your bags and book a flight to those tourism spots while taking all the safety measures to keep yourself safe from getting affected by the virus. You can get a list of countries that are allowing tourism but, what is important to discuss right now is how you can travel solo during this pandemic. So, here’s how:

Traveling solo during COVID-19

Let’s look at some of the most useful tips for staying safe during travel.

First and the Foremost Tips

The first thing is that you should get yourself checked by your local healthcare authorities and get your COVID-19 test done.

Having a negative test is crucial if you want to enter or visit any other country. But, being a good citizen, ensure that your state doesn’t have a shortage of COVID-19 tests, if so then talk to your travel agency and ask them for alternatives.

The best alternative is to isolate yourself before your travel which will help in making your case strong. 

Other than that, when you are on your travel, ensure that you wear a mask at all times, follow local precautionary rules, keep a safe distance from people and regularly wash hands or sanitize yourself. Do all these things even when no one asks you to, do it for yourself and others.

Other than that there are some questions which you should know the answer to before going anywhere:

  • Is the virus spreading to the place where you are planning to go?
  • Is the virus spreading in your area?
  • Are you living with someone who is sick?
  • Are you showing symptoms? (If yes then stay home)

Changes that you will see on your trip


The new normal is that you will see people wearing masks and keeping a distance from others. You will feel the fear which people have in their hearts of getting infected by the disease.

You will also see that people now have learned to appreciate their own company above all, they are now comfortable in traveling alone as compared to the pre-COVID-19 world. The single supplement fees will mostly be removed to bring back travel.

However, the socializing element of a solo trip will be affected. People will not be able to share their culture and tradition with foreigners – which is a shame, considering this is how a culture gains popularity in the world.

Pick the destination wisely

You must pick a destination that is not drowning with thousands of cases of COVID-19. If you want to visit a specific country, but some parts of that country are on high alert because of the virus, then you should either not go to that country at all, or choose a part of that country that is the least affected.

You can use the CDC’s COVID-19 tracker for this purpose. If you just want to visit other countries for vacation purposes, then we suggest that you chose a place with the lowest number of COVID-19 cases. Do your homework before you make any decision.



In the current situation, we suggest that you avoid public transportation at all costs. Because shared transports have a higher chance of carrying germs, we recommend that you ask your airline about their setting arrangement and which precautions they are taking for avoiding the spread of COVID-19.

Apart from this, try to transport yourself privately and alone, meaning that if you are able then you can rent a bike or you can rent a car and drive it around town as you please. But, even when renting transport, always sanitize it before using it.

Sometimes, it so happens that you come in contact with the virus but don’t get sick, this is because you are asymptomatic. Meaning that you carry the germs but the virus doesn’t affect you. But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t spread it, and that is why you should try and keep a distance from people for the worst-case scenario.

Renting a place to live


Traveling solo doesn’t really mean ‘solo’ especially when it comes to living. When you travel alone, you mostly meet people who are like you, with whom you sometimes rent a place to live or go out on adventures.

This is what you must avoid during this pandemic. So, before you leave your country, try to find places which will allow you to stay ‘ALONE’ for your trip.

Enjoying your solo trip during COVID-19


Being in the middle of a pandemic doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your trip on your own. You can even socialize with others but with precaution and distance. Here are some activities you can do to make the most out of your trip while being safe

  • You can enjoy roaming around the place you visit, but you shouldn’t join group tours currently.
  • Take loads of pictures, use timers, and stand. Try to avoid asking people to take photos because it increases the chance of germ transfer.
  • Do solo activities like hiking, rock climbing, surfing, reading a book on the beach, watching a movie, etc.
  • Instead of going to crowded areas for lunch or dinner, try to order food at the place you are staying. This way, you will be able to serve foo in your dishes and wash/sanitize hands after the rider delivers the food. But, do try all the local food you can! Use the internet to learn all about food delivery during the pandemic.
  • Be confident and cautious, but enjoy your trip to the fullest. Make the most of your vacation.


As we discussed in the beginning that trips aren’t banned during the current pandemic situation. But what you should take care of is that you keep yourself and the people around you safe because it is better safe than sorry! And also because of your life and the life of people around you is very precious. So travel safe and enjoy your fullest!