Families are constantly scrounging for quality time together. What with the endless school runs and play-dates, by the time it comes round to your family vacation you want to find the best resort that's going to give not only you, as parents the much-needed time to rest.  but also a fun and beautiful destination for your little ones.

The Maldives is the ideal family destination because it is bursting with activities which are perfect for family bonding, in addition to calm and romantic sun-set moments ideal for you and your partner.  Located in the tropical Indian ocean, the Maldives is made up of 26 atolls which are home to stunning coral reefs, powdery-white beaches  and some of the clearest lagoons in the world! Sounds perfect right? 


Report to Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa Maldives for Check-in! 

Upon arrival at   Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa you'll find that everything will be taken care of and you will be warmly received and settled straight into the hospitable and premier atmosphere of the resort. Your very own butler will fulfill all your wishes and cater to all your family's needs as you relax in your private family villa.

If you are blessed with more than one chick in your nest, we recommend the 2-bedroom family villa with pool,  which also happens to come with its own en-suite-Jacuzzi bathtub in the master bedroom... Escape from the outside world and watch the children's spirits brighten as they splash around in your infinity pool or explore the tropical lagoon, just a few feet away from your villa's back door. Alternatively, experience an ultra-luxury all villa and suite resort & spa with the exceptional all inclusive White Platinum plan. 

The ultimate excursion to discover your own desert island

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Maldives is famously surrounded by many atolls and hidden, private beaches that stretch across beautiful sandy bays, surrounded by crystal clear lagoons that invite adventure.  Step onto your very own speedboat arranged by Hideaway Beach Resort and Spa to begin your "Robinson Cruise" day-trip and be whisked away from the rest of the world and come to your very own deserted island. Upon arrival you can expect to find refreshments, food and all the necessary sun lounging gear you may need for the ultimate family day on the beach. 

Children experience their own Magical Maldives! 

As a parent, your primary concern on  vacation is your children's safety and happiness. At Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa Maldives, the Kids Club staff will ensure your kids are happy and busy whilst you go off and spend the day bonding with your partner.

This facility encourage the kids to be creative and engage in fun activities such as Sand Castle making, Treasure Hunt, Island Hide and Seek, Cooking Class ( the children may even bring back some freshly baked cookies for your family to enjoy together!) amongst others. 

Hot tip! Why not visit Maldives first floating Aqua Park constructed by slides, trampolines, relaxation zones, a climbing zone and a balancing beam for endless family fun! The Aqua Park is tucked into the shallow lagoon waters of Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa which is ideal if your loved ones are still learning to swim!

Adrenaline-junky couples are maxed out for things to do here! 

Photo Credit: Bottom Right Jet Boats - HBR Instagram

If you're feeling adventurous, why not try out some water-sports activities with your partner to get those endorphins pumping! Travelers from across the world visit the Maldives for diving excursions as well as to engage in the wide range of  water sports. Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa Maldives organise jet-skis, paddle boarding. kite-boarding,  windsurfing, and even Catamaran sailing! 

Hot tip! We recommend visiting in April where the calm waters temperature reaches approximately 25-30 degrees, ideal for water fun! 

Say Hello to the residents of the Hideaway House Reef! 

For the ultimate family bonding activity head on out into the water and be amazed at the world-famous coral reefs.  Watch your children explore underwater paradise whilst swimming among mantas, sea turtles,  dolphins and fish of every color of the rainbow. If you wish to take this all in, at your own pace and privacy, you are of course welcome to use the complimentary snorkeling equipment that is provided with your villa.

Practice Yoga to engage your mind, body and soul!

Seeking to reconnect with your loved one?  Yoga is the ideal activity for those who wish to take a moment with their partner and re-engage their physical body and emotional minds to rest and recharge. Take some time to yourselves whilst the your kids are occupied at the Kids Club and engage in Hideaway Beach Resort and Spa's Enlightenment Yoga (Meditation) class. 

The special class focuses on breathing and meditation with the option of a private instructor so you don't have to worry about strangers judging your plank position! This practice has a more gentle approach to provide you with the time and space within your body and mind to truly relax and unwind.  If you're looking to keep trim and toned, we recommend trying the Hatha Yoga classes that aim to re-energize and get you sweating.

Show 'em how it's done! 

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For an old-school family activity we recommend taking the kids out for a lesson of pole-and-line fishing. This traditional fishing method has been passed down in generations and will teach your children the art of patience as well as the feeling of triumph that'll ensue when they feel the first bite on their bait!

Watch in wonder and learn from the master Maldivian fishermen; Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa's team arrange fishing excursions that aim to guide and support your family as well as make your trip as enjoyable.

Please Sir, can I have some more? 

We know it can be tricky deciding where to dine as a family. Fortunately, Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa that offers a range of different dinning experiences so whether you're hungry for breakfast, lunch or dinner, there's bound to be something to stir up yours and your families appetites!  Since you really can't go wrong with Asian cuisine, why not have a fun evening trying to teach your kids how to use chopsticks and watch your food cooked in front of you at  Samsara Restaurant?

Allow your expectations to be exceeded by the restaurants chefs as they welcome you and inquire about your personal tastes and preferences in order to cultivate the perfect dish, personalized just for you. (So even the fussiest kids will be able to find a meal for them!) If you are well versed in wine we recommend relaxing in the evenings by exploring the multifaceted selection of wines and champagnes that are offered in each restaurant and pool bar. 

Paradise for all the family! 

If you're seeking a destination with uninterrupted family fun, infinite activities to choose from and unbelievable sights that'll have you second guessing your senses, a Maldives family vacation could be just the ticket! Follow the beckoning Indian Ocean,and stay at Hideaway Beach Resort and Spa to give your family a real taste of Paradise. To start organise your dreamy family vacation, check booking availability below, or for further information see:   Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa Maldives.