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Things to do in Phuket: An Authentic Asian Experience!

PUBLISHED ON: | BY: Josie Suri
Things to do in Phuket: An Authentic Asian Experience!

A guide on the sights to see and things to experience for a truly authentic Asian experience in Phuket!

Phuket is a stunning naturally green island with plenty of land-based and water-based activities. The island offers so much that pretty much every type of traveller is sure to find a unique experience to suit them. Whether you wish to enjoy the colourful and vibrant nightlife scene, experience local culture in Thailand, Phuket ticks the boxes

 As the island is very dependent on tourism for its economic growth, the locals welcome visitors and with genuine hospitality and generosity. The region is well know for landscape views of the island's hills, lush green jungles and gorgeous sandy beaches.  Pool lovers can l by infinity pools found in many luxury resorts, sip on fresh cocktails and savour delicious Asian cuisine. In this guide, we'll tell you where you can enjoy a luxurious and authentic Asian getaway that'll leave you with knowledge of the island's culture, natural surroundings and traditions.

Check in at your Six-Star Luxury Pool Villa!

Sri Panwa Phuket Luxury Pool Villa Hotel 

Begin your authentic Asian experience at the Southern-tip of Phuket, in Cape Panwa.  Check into your Pool Villa at   Sri Panwa Phuket Luxury Pool Villa Hotel, designed to give guests a luxuriously comfortable stay.  Enjoy maximum privacy when you're not out and about exploring the island! The floor-to-ceiling windows will ensure you get all that Vitamin D you've been missing, as light floods the room throughout the day. After you've settled in, be sure to ask at the front desk for help arranging your Phuket sightseeing tours. In this guide, we'll show you just some of what you can do to experience an authentic Asian experience in Phuket! 

Hot tip!
Make sure you capture a photograph of yourself lounging beside the Sri Panwa Phuket Luxury Pool Villa Hotel's infinity pool.  

Discover Phuket!

A personalised excursion by land and sea 

If you're serious about sight-seeing, a day trip on a long tail boat is just the ticket for you! Phuket's glorious archipelagos make it a brilliant destination for exploration, with a huge variety of islands to hop around. Some of these 8 islands are Racha, Maiton, Phi Phi, Coral and Lon, all of which are a 15 to 40 minute boat ride away. 

Sri Panwa Phuket Luxury Pool Villa Hotel creates  personalised excursion for guests who wish to see more of Phuket's surrounding islands. Begin your trip to Coral Island by stepping on board your very own long-tail boat, scattered with large pillows where you can sit back, relax and take in the gorgeous sights. 

On your boat you'll find snorkeling equipment and an icebox filled with bottled water to keep you fresh throughout the day Expect world-class cruising without the rigidness and pressure of a tour operator. To escape the busy mainland, visit the Coral Island Beach and take in the peaceful, sandy bay. 

Learn all about Asian cuisine!

Whether you're travelling with a partner, friends or family, quench your thirst for knowledge by learning all about Asia's culinary history in a cooking class. This activity is great if you want to spend some time having some fun in the kitchen with the kids or if you want to improve your Asian cooking skills. Embark on your Asian culinary journey at Sri Panwa's Baba Cooking School by choosing a Thai or Japanese cooking class. 

Hot tip! 
Take your lesson one step further outside the class doors by learning all about popular fresh herbs used in the Thai cuisine. Luckily Sri Panwa's welcoming is surrounded by fresh herbs grown and cultivated for  use in the hotel's kitchen and spa! You'll soon learn that locally produced fresh herbs are crucial to giving that extra special touch of tradition and flavor.

A call for Adventure in Phuket's Rainforest! 

A zip-line experience like no other

Photo credit: Flying Fox

Arrange transport with Sri Panwa to take you to the incredible zip-lining experience,Flying Hanuman. This activity is is certainly a must-do for thrill seeking  travellers who love to be surrounded by nature Located just a 45-minute drive away from your hotel, we would suggest choosing Package A of the Flying Hanuman's service packages to spend half the day here and also enjoya tasty buffet lunch.

"Hello Ellie"

Visit Phuket's first Elephant Sanctuary! 

Photo credit: Bathing Elephant

For animal lovers, we recommend a visit to an Elephant Sanctuary for glorious sights of rescued elephants.  Located approximately a half hour away from the Flying Hanuman, this could easily combined with the zip wire experience, Phuket Elephant Sanctuary will teach you about the history of these animals, not only on this island but other parts of Southeast Asia.

The ethical nature of this park in addition to the incredible work put in by the staff to rehabilitate these elephants creates a very loving and zen atmosphere appreciated by animal lovers. Get to know each elephants' story while you feed them or watch them bathe in the lake. 

An authentic home-style Thai culinary experience!

With Western culture spreading across all parts of the world, it can be difficult finding a traditional Asian restaurant that serves local recipes of a home-made standard. If you wish to get a real glimpse of Asia, Sri Panwa Luxury Pool Villa's restaurant Baba Soul Food aims to deliver just that; dishes cooked with soul, in the style of home-made, traditional recipes with the gorgeous backdrop of uninterrupted panoramas. 

Start planning your Asian getaway! 

In regards of things to do in Phuket, the list of things to do is endless! Since you've got a good idea of what an authentic Asian experience looks like, why don't you start planning your next vacation in Phuket by checking booking information at   Sri Panwa Phuket Luxury Pool Villa Hotel. Be sure to also check out the hotel's website to discover more amazing things to do while you're there! 

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