Bad Ragaz is an Eastern municipality of Switzerland, home to famous springs and five-star spa resorts that attract thousands of travelers seeking elegant accommodation and luxurious wellness experiences. Whether you walk through Bad Ragaz' crunchy snow-covered landscape in winter or experience the green earth barefoot in summer, this Swiss destination is one you shouldn’t miss.

Let's discover the activities you can embark in Winter or Summer at one of the world's leading medical and wellness resorts in Europe.

Check in to your Spa Suite | Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

Enjoy elegance and opulent interiors as you check in to   Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, a five-star spa resort featuring timeless elegance, sleek design, stylish comfort and breathtaking views of the Swiss mountains. Choose a Spa Suite as your perfect wellbeing oasis with a free-standing whirlpool bath, sauna and steam bath as well as thermal water flowing out of every tap. A personal butler will be also available to take care of anything you might need.

A quaint European summer vacation in Bad Ragaz! | A visit to Flumserberg

Despite being the largest winter sports region in Eastern Switzerland, Flumserberg is also full of country walks and toboggan runs which are highly popular with children. Shoot off at full speed around loops, tunnels, curves and bridges, some reaching 250 meters in height in the verdant landscape. 


Golfing in Grand Swiss surroundings |Golf Club Bad Ragaz 

Have your pick between the two golf courses at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz and enjoy the green background and Swiss Alps around you. After you've practiced your swing, check out the Golf Restaurant Terrace for lunch. Beginners can take part in the 9-hole Executive course with the Golf Academy and practice their new skills. 

Art at First Sight | Bad RagARTz Sculpture Park 

If you are lucky, you may find yourself immersed in art. Bad Ragaz hosts Bad RagARTz, Europe's largest sculpture park featuring work from artists all over the world. The festival takes place once in three years, and the next time will be in 2021. However, there are some permanent arts which you can enjoy all-year-round.

So, whenever you visit, don't forget to take a stroll through the park with Swiss landscape as your background panorama, enhancing the sights all around you. 

Embrace Nature at Tamina Valley | Hiking in Bad Ragaz 

Head over to Tamina gorge and discover the source of the legendary thermal spa water that is central to all your experiences in Grand Resort Bad Ragaz.  Afterwards, head on out in whichever direction, and you'll come across countless hiking routes waiting to be explored. Tamina Gorge is a refreshing escape in the summer with plenty of open parks and cool fountains. If you love a hike, Bad Ragaz's' rural landscape has plenty of opportunities for adventure! 

Your Winter Swiss Experience | Ski the Swiss Alps  

Bad Ragaz is conveniently located in the Eastern region of the Alps. Therefore, you are within easy access to plenty of mountain and ski opportunities including the local mountain Pizol. If this doesn't tickle your fancy, there are also Flumserberg, Arosa Lenzerheide, Davos Klosters, Films Laax Falera. Whichever type of slope, peak or piste you desire, there are plenty guaranteed to suit everyone's taste. 

Photo credit: Flumserberg

What to do when the frost bites a little too hard outside | An Evening of Live Music 

Music fans will be happy to hear that if you fancy an evening of live music to stimulate another part of your senses at night, be sure to check in with Bad Ragaz's' Events calendar, where you'll find live jazz or classical music concerts every few days! Enjoy the resort's music entertainment over a cocktail at Casino Bad Ragaz.

An Authentic Hong Kong dining experience in Switzerland | Dim-sum Brunch

Missing your usual Asian takeaway? Well, you needn't look further. Enjoy an Asian dining experience perfect at Restaurant Namun's, whose extensive menu also caters to vegetarians as well as other specific dietary requirements guests may have.

A Bathing experience steeped in tradition! | Tamina Therme

Discover Tamina Therme, a first-class thermal spa that will leave you a feeling of super zen. Enjoy the benefits of thermal water from the Tamina gorge whose healing effects have been noted since its discovery, in 1242!  Enhance your overall wellbeing in this spa experience, free for guests use and admire its grand architecture that elegantly combines Swiss tradition and grand resort luxury.  

Bad Ragaz has plenty to offer to travelers who aren't just looking for the usual ski holiday. Indeed, its reputation for lush spa treatments revolving around the thermal spa water from Tamina Valley and adventurous outdoor activities, make it an attractive destination to visit any time of the year! To begin planning your luxurious Swiss vacation in Bad Ragaz, be sure to check booking information at   Grand Resort Bad Ragaz!