By the time September rolls around, you may find yourself in need of one last quick getaway before autumn kicks in, getting you back on the saddle. Located in the Indian Ocean, Maldives is quite simply a coral reef paradise with enchanting, exotic surroundings. If you're interested in marine life or watersports, these clear waters should be on your destination bucket-list due to the vast spectrum of activities and water-based experiences.

In this guide, we'll explore your stay at South Ari Atoll where convenience, unique luxury moments, unbeatable Italian, Asian,  Mediterranean and Middle Eastern gastronomy adventures await!

Your September Maldives Weather Forecast 

Typically, most people visit Maldives between November and April, also known as the dry season. During this period you’ll find hot temperatures with plentiful sunshine. If you're at all sensitive to high summer temperatures, we recommend visiting during the Wet Season May - September. But don't let this season's name put you off! September invites a more bearable climate onto Maldives' archipelago. Dropping to approximately 27 degrees and with slightly higher humidity, low bearing clouds with rainfall are only short-lasting and offer relief to the heat. Traveling off-peak also gives you the advantage of booking reduced Maldives resort prices which is a win-win! All this considered, this is an ideal time to visit if you want to avoid the luxury price tag! 

Your ultimate Maldives Experience 
LUX* Underwater Festival

Every year, Lux South Ari Atoll welcomes the marine specialists and top divers for one of a kind fully immersive conservation courses, exciting dives and excursions. Lead by the resident marine biologists and experts within the field. There's plenty to dig your teeth into!

To all Marine enthusiasts, this is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss. And hey, it's totally educational right, so you really don't have any excuses  not to take part!

Ding, ding, ding! Check in to your luxurious accommodation at LUX* South Ari Atoll! 

Whilst your wait for your sea plane to fly into LUX* South Ari Atoll's private island, you will be welcomed by the 5* resorts' staff into the private airport lounge, where your luxury experience begins. Freshen up and re-energise yourself before the final leg of your trip with nibbles and drinks. After your venture on the sea plane, you'll have surely arrived in awe of the gorgeous neighbouring atolls - the clear blue sea ,the sandy islands and bright blue sky all included! Upon checking in at   LUX* South Ari Atoll you will be warmly welcomed by the reception staff and guided to your private water villa. 

A Unique destination where you can watch Whale Sharks all year round!

Maldives unique marine environment allows visitors to see the grand Whale Sharks all year round. So even if you visit during the alternative off peak month of September, you'll still be able to spot these big guys! Head to the Marine Biology centre and get ready for your Whale Shark Snorkelling adventure!

A "spectacolour" view of Maldives' Coral Reefs!
Fluorescent Night Diving! 

For a truly unforgettable experience, visit the coral reefs at night for a completely new perspective. This dive will allow you to explore a whole new aquatic world as the unique torchlight and filter attached to your mask lights up Maldives' undersea world in brilliant , fluorescent colours!  If you recall the magical effects in the movie Avatar, LUX* South Ari Atoll arranges Fluorescent Night dives with the aim for you to experience an underwater version of just that.

A tranquil escape in Maldives best Luxury Spa!
LUX* Me Spa 

Spend the day at South Ari Atoll's coveted best Luxury Island Resort Spa in Maldives. Just like the resort, the spa is also located on the private island of Dhidhoofinolhu, and it can be found nestled behind a banana leaf lined lane; surrounded by clear water and 4 over-water treatment villas. The facility aims to create unique spa moments including a relaxing massage whilst you watch a school of parrot fish swim beneath your feet. Visit during the Underwater Festival and choose your special offer to receive an additional 20% discount off LUX* Me Spa treatments. Dive into your spa day by choosing from the 60 beauty products and therapeutic treatments available at LUX* Me Spa.

Memorable experiences on Land!
Beach Rouge

Party it up at the sole, fully-fledged beach club of Maldives, Beach Rouge. As part of Lux* South Ari Atoll's dining facilities, the beach club's lively atmosphere invites you to unwind and let your hair down in a hip environment. During the day you'll enjoy chilled tunes with light bites and cool drinks whilst the evening experience of Beach Rouge features a floating dance floor set out at sea and a vibrant party atmosphere. Expect an evening flowing with cocktails and great service.

The fully equipped, dine around experience includes access to 7 restaurants and 5 bars, each offering their own thematic dining experience with a fusion of unique flavours inspired by cuisine worldwide. These options mean that you can experience a different dining environment every night of your stay and with 20% of food and beverages during your stay at The Underwater Festival you'd be crazy not to. 

Outdoor screening!
Cinema Paradiso 

If you haven't turned on Netflix and watched any of the Emmy-award-winning docu-series Blue Planet, then you really have no excuse but to head on out to the outdoor Cinema Paradiso after dinner and spend the evening in the coconut grove, mesmerised by the fascinating HD footage of our planet's underwater sea life. 

Turtle Snorkelling
An expedition unlike any other! 

Grab your squad, and join the morning turtle snorkeling session, a wonderful expedition to see these impressive reptiles in their natural environment and you’ll be amazed by their graceful swimming movements. 

Maldives September Secret
The best time for your luxury vacation!

If at the beginning of this read, you were wondering why on Earth you would visit the Maldives at the beginning of the Autumn season, by now you've probably realised the real question you should be asking is "Why wouldn't you visit the Maldives in September?". To begin planning your trip full of magical marine moments, and 5* star luxury check booking information at  LUX* South Ari Atoll.