Santorini is famous not only its beautiful views but its typical Cycladic Architecture, cultural monuments and fantastic wineries. Experience jaw-dropping views of the Caldera cliff, the stunning Aegean Sea and the impressive volcano. The beauty of this setting will ensure the most important day of your life also becomes one of your most cherished memories.  Located on the caldera cliff you’ll find the minimal, yet stylish boutique hotel that is ready to capture your "I do's". 

How to organise a stunning "Mamma Mia" style wedding at the Athina Luxury Suites in Santorini! 

Check into the Grand Cave Suite at   Athina Luxury Suites for a loft-style accommodation that will set the tone of luxury, comfort and style, (essentially criteria for your Santorini wedding!). As this part of the hotel is new, the contemporary and fresh interior creates a romantic and tranquil ambience - perfect for couples. The Grand Cave Suite includes an indoor hot-tub and an outdoor infinity-style jacuzzi, perfect for relaxing with your partner as you admire the breathtaking views 

This boutique hotel can host weddings that can cater up to 40 people. This is ideal if you seek a plush resort with privacy to create a more intimate ceremony (without compromising on luxury!). Athina Luxury Suites is closely situated to local restaurants and shops so your guests can have a wander around Fira Town while you meet with the professional wedding planners to finalise the last few details!

When is the best time to have your luxury Santorini wedding?

As Santorini is incredibly popular with travellers visiting from all over the world, we recommend having your wedding off-peak season so you can avoid not only the crowds but also the heat! Temperatures can reach as high as 40 degrees, therefore a Spring or early autumn wedding is ideal. At this time of the year you will find the weather much more comfortable but still warm and bright. In addition to this, flight fares are lower which means you can put aside more money for the big day- perfect! 

Pre-Bridal wellness session with the squad! 

Indulge in a relaxing wellness experience with your girl squad! Arrange a yoga session to keep you cool before the big day at Athina Luxury Suites and take in the picturesque outdoor settings of the Caldera.

The Big Day! 

Wake up well rested at Athina Luxury Suites and be sure to ask for them to press your wedding dress or shirt so that you're looking your best! You can be confident that the Groom Services will take care of the future husband, whilst the bride may also be attended to by the beauty team with hair and nail services.

Welcome your guests in style...

Request a canape and complimentary drink for your guests to enjoy whilst they await your arrival at Reception. Your guests can receive a refreshing glass of sparkling rose wine and a choice of delicacies personalized by you and your partner. 

Enjoy an exquisite, Greek wedding dinner! 

One of the most important parts of the wedding is of course the food and drink. At Athina Luxury Suites you can choose from three varied set menus or a buffet style dining experience for your wedding. Rest-assured as in many other parts of Greece, Athina Luxury Suites menu used the best made up of fresh, local produce.

 If you wish to provide your guests with a variety of options, we recommend the buffet menu that includes two salad options, three hors d'oeuvres and three mains. This menu style also includes side dishes, desserts and wine all inspired by Greek cuisine. You'll see evidence of this as you consider which traditional Greek dessert option to have - Baklava, Kaifiti or almond sweets? We say try them all - it's your special day after all! 

Dazzle your guests...! 

Embrace your partner for your first dance together as a wedded couple under a fountain of fireworks. Pose for your wedding shots captured by the professional photography team at Athina Luxury Suites. 

Check in to your Honeymoon Suite! 

Boost your luxury experience by booking the Honeymoon Suite to stay in after the wedding.  Share moments of romance and relaxation on the large terrace and the outdoor hot tub that overlooks the harbour and volcano. After the wedding is over, relax in your private steam room. Enjoy breakfast served on your deck and if you happen to need anything, you can order any additional food or drinks on the suites iPad. 

Discover the Aegean on your private yacht

On the days following your wedding, you may be keen to put some time aside to further explore the island. Discover even more breathtaking views on a yacht sunset cruise organised by Athina Luxury Suites.  From the yacht you can admire the traditional architecture of Santorini including white washed, cave houses and churches with blue dome-shaped roofs. 

A newly-wed couple's dream: The honeymoon surprise package!

If you enjoy living a life of extravagance and opulence, the Honeymoon Surprise is just for you. One of the perks of the package is the complimentary champagne at Esperisma with a candlelight dining experience at sunset. 

"Santorini, I choose you!"

As one of the most romantic destinations in the world, it’s no surprise that this sunny island attracts couples wanting to tie the knot in style. The stunning cliff views are enough to warm your heart, let alone having your wedding take place exactly there, surrounded by family and friends. Get on board and start planning your luxury Santorini wedding by checking booking information at the boutique hotel   Athina Luxury Suites.