Vegan food and restaurants, nowadays, can be easily found everywhere, if you know where to look. In countries like Britain, with London as the most popular vegetarian friendly capital in Europe, adopting a vegan diet free of meat, fish and animal products, has never been easier. 

And even if you don’t have access to vegetarian restaurant, there is a huge variety of vegan recipes, free to anyone who want to cook their own meat-free food at home. But how easy is it to be vegan and travel at the same time? 

Here are the 5 most popular destinations for vegan travelers.

Tel Aviv, Israel: the upcoming vegan destination!

Photo Credits: Meshek Barzilay

With more than 400 vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants serving 5% of the population in Israel, Tel Aviv is certainly one of the hottest vegan friendly destinations in the world, being crowned as the world’s vegan capital! Tel Aviv is trying to be green in every way as there are now more than 3,000 certified vegan products available, such as leather-free shoes to meat-free treats.

Where to eat:

Meshek Barzilay




Amsterdam, Netherlands: for homemade vegan delicacies!

Photo Credits: Loving Hut Amsterdam

A favourite city for vegans worldwide, as it guarantees a variety of vegan restaurants, organic cafes, bakeries and even wine bars, for anyone who wants to enjoy a cruelty-free dish. On the west side of Westerpark, there is a special space, set up by farmers, chefs, engineers and artists who cooperate in order to promote the vegan lifestyle. 

Except from the numerous vegan cafes and restaurants, Amsterdam is also an unlimited source of fair trade shops, shops with eco-clothing and vegan markets selling shoes, belts and bags, vegetarian and vegan cookbooks, animal test-free cosmetics, lifestyle products, even bamboo clothing! All in the heart of the city!

Where to eat:


Loving Hut



New York City, USA: vegan burger, of course!

Photo Credits: Pixabay

Delicious vegan food isn’t something difficult to encounter when travelling to New York City. It started with veggie burgers-something served quite commonly nowadays, even in fast food restaurants in the city- to falafel and tapas bars in some of the city’s best Indian restaurants. 

With the rise of veganism, the number of restaurants and eco-friendly places is constantly growing, offering great choices to the vegan community.

Where to eat:



Little Choc Apothecary


Portland, Oregon: fancy a vegan tattoo?

Portland, Oregon is by all means, the most vegan-friendly city in the United States. You can find vegan food everywhere, from food-carts in the streets of the city, to brunch spots and high-end gourmet restaurants. 

Recently, Oregon opened its first vegan mall, which includes a bakery, a grocery, clothing shops, and even a tattoo parlour!

Where to eat:

The Bye-and-Bye

Homegrown Smoker BBQ


Back to Eden Bakery Cafe

Photo Credits: Aviv

Chiang Mai, Thailand: a vegan's paradise! 

Photo Credits: PUN PUN

It is easy to be vegan in Chiang Mai! What’s so special about Chiang Mai is the variety of food you can find. Vegan restaurants are located everywhere in Thailand, also called “Jay” (a Buddhist way of veganism). But except from all the vegan street food and buffets, Chiang Mai is a paradise of organic farms, Japanese macrobiotic restaurants, healthy salad bars and cafes

So if whether you are a vegan or vegetarian traveller, coming to visit the city of Chiang Mai, then the only sure thing is that you will not be going hungry!

Where to eat:


Reform Kafe

Ama Vegan Kitchen

Happy Green

Luckily for everyone,  the days that vegan food was hard to find, and restaurant menus had limited vegan choices, are behind us. As more destinations are becoming more and more supportive to the vegan lifestyle, the more choices vegan travelers will have!