We are all familiar with the saying in vino veritas, and is there any better alcoholic beverage in the world? Real wine connoisseurs really do pay attention to the kind of wine they drink; each kind is different, and every single one of them matches well with a certain dish. So, if you and your partner really enjoy an occasional glass of wine or regularly visit different wine tastings, then perhaps you should kill two birds with one stone and actually spend your next holidays in a place which is also quite famous for its wine industry. Here are 5 amazing wine destinations that you won’t only like because of the mesmerizing beauty of the place, but also because of the high-quality wine produced there.     

1. Crete, Greece

If you’re planning to go to Greece for the next summer holidays, then everything’s settled, as you can mix holidays and wine tasting by visiting just one Greek island. Yes, we’re talking about Crete, which is not only popular for its wine, but also for its ultra-rich and interesting history. Crete is the home of many renowned winaries, such as Lyrakakis, Douloufakis and Silva Daskalaki. Most of these are family wineries, but that makes the wine even tastier. This is also a great opportunity to get to know this magnificent Greek island, and you can use the occasion and enjoy a swim or two on one of its great beaches.

2. Warrandyte, Victoria

Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash

If, on the other hand, you have plans to visit the Land Down Under, you should definitely make Melbourne your next destination. Why? Firstly because this city is an excellent getaway as you get to experience so many different things here and enjoy the beauty of this city, but also because of the excellent wine that’s served in Warrandyte. This is now practically an outer suburb of Melbourne (30km away), which means that you can easily get there by a car. Once there, don’t miss out on some of the amazing Warrandyte restaurants where you can have a great meal and enjoy a glass of its best wine. Even though Warrandyte was established in 1839, it’s rich in both Australian and Aboriginal history, which means that you will definitely get to experience something totally different.

3.  Napa Valley

Photo by Jørgen Håland on Unsplash

Surely, there are many destinations in the world that are popular for their wines, but there’s nothing else that’s more winey than Napa Valley. If you’re from the USA and you don’t want to travel long distances in order to try some of the best wine in the world; or you’re from a different part of the world and you want to visit the USA and still veritas in that vino, Napa Valley is just the place for you. You get to choose among many different wineries, such as the beautiful Peju Winery which is not only known for its great wine, but for the pristine gardens and fresh food. Just a 15-minute ride from there, you will encounter another great winery, the Clos Du Val, which is quite unique – they don’t make wine for the wine tasting ratings, but for wine lovers.

4. Lisbon, Portugal

Photo by Angelina Litvin on Unsplash

Portugal is also another possibility. After exploring the city of Lisbon (and you will definitely spend a lot of time sightseeing all the important and beautiful landmarks), you can sit at one of many Michelin-starred restaurants. Once you do this, you simply have to order a glass of their Madeira wine, which is the most popular kind of wine from Portugal. With this on the table and a platter of local cheeses you will definitely have a completely different gastronomic experience!

5. Cafayate, Argentina

Photo by Jessy Smith on Unsplash

Argentina is a beautiful country as it is, with Cafayate as one of its most important places. It has a low-humidity mild climate and little rain, which benefits the production of wine. The most popular Argentinian wine is Torrentes, which is made in dry wine style. So book your ticket to Cafayate and take a free guided tour across some of the best wineries in this town.

The gays indeed know their wine, so you will most certainly enjoy each of the destinations above. It’s time for your New Year’s resolutions, so make sure visiting one of these destinations is there! You won’t regret it.