Turquoise clear waters, endless white sanded beaches, tall palm trees and sun showered days, are some of the unique characteristics of the Maldives. Oftenly described as “heaven on earth”, this magnificent string of islands of Maldives is the best destination for luxury holidays, romantic trips and tropical adventures.

Located on the Indian Ocean, the tropical nation of Maldives is considered an environmental treasure since it consists of more than a thousand coral islands. The impeccable tropical landscapes, the magnificent natural territory and the local culture, forms the best holiday destination for unforgettable experiences.

Swimming in the blue lagoons, tanning at the long white beaches, a plethora of watersports, submarine activities, and many places for relaxation, spa facilities, shopping and entertainment venues, are some of the things that Maldives are famous for. 

Staying at one of the best hotels in the Maldives!

Reethi Faru Resort is a magnificent Bio Luxury Resort, secluded on its own private island, Filaidhoo. The resort boasts luxurious, top rated amenities, offering amazing facilities to its travelers, thus making up for the best tropical escape for memorable vacations in the Maldives. 

The resort offers perfectly designed accommodation services with it owns 150 villa including ocean front villas, sunset facing villas, freestanding villas above the lagoon and hidden amongst lush tropical vegetation. The charming Reethi Faru Resort is a hideaway, suitable for romantic trips and family vacations, that can fulfill all your needs and desires.

In addition to the impeccable accommodation, there is a great collection of activities and things to do while staying at the luxury retreat of the  Reethi Faru Resort. Some of the facilities offered are: a variety of watersports, spa facilities, scuba diving lessons, environment activities and various excursions at the area and a culinary journey spread between 6 bars and 6 restaurants around the island. The well crafted cuisines by expert chefs at Reethi Faru cater to travelers from around the world with specialty dining outlets and secluded bars. 

The best Water Sports Center in Maldives

The Water Sports Center, facilitated in the Reethi Faru Resort, is considered one of the leading and best organized centers in the Maldives. With a great range of water sports and activities, it's the best place for adventures on the crystal-clear waters of the island. The activities offered at the resort's Water Sport Center are windsurfing, kitesurfing, catamaran sailing, canoe sailing, parasailing, surfing and activities involving jetpack and jet ski. A traveler favorite activity being speedboat and jet ski excursions for dolphin and manta watching.

Spa and wellness at Reethi Faru Resort

Reethi Faru Resort includes the renowned Coconut Spa. Located within the shade of coconut trees, the Spa is designed to offer pampering and rejuvenating services to the guests along with a series of premium body and face treatments. The spa consists of a sauna, jacuzzi, a steam room, massage rooms and a relaxation lounge, offering varieties of massage, body and facial healing therapies. 

Adopt a healthy routine in the resort’s exclusive Sports Complex & Health Club

One of the many luxury facilities of the Reethi Faru Resort is the premium sports center. The Reethi Faru Sports complex has many outdoor and indoor activities such as tennis, basketball, badminton and squash, that make it the perfect spot to enjoy a game with your traveling companions. Furthermore, the Health club of the resort offers a fully equipped gym and a yoga studio offering different types of classes to stretch your body and relax your mind.

The undersea environment of the Maldives

Maldives contains some of the richest coral reefs systems in the world, hosting some of the rarest corals in the world. The undersea colorful coral gardens are the best spots for underwater activities in the exotic blue waters of the Maldives. Reethi Faru Resorts has an authorized 5-star certified PADI and SSI Dive Center organizing undersea activities like scuba diving or snorkel excursions, ready for travelers to explore the richness and the beauty of the Maldivian undersea universe. 

Actions for the conservation of the undersea environment

Reethi Faru Resort has initiated a strategy in order to protect and restore the damaged coral reef of the undersea region. The project implies that by installing artificial coral reefs, they aim to recreate the damaged coral gardens. The restoration of the coral reefs is of a high importance since they are vital for the undersea life of the Maldives. As a result, Reethi Faru Resort, promote this project to its guests and customers, in order to establish the sustainability of the undersea environment. 

Excursions to spend your days and nights

The Maldives are blessed with many natural places and beautiful sunny landscapes. This spectacular island offers a big number of experiences to live and unique places to explore. The Reethi Faru Resort organizes many excursions, provided exclusively to its guests. Visiting the local islands of the Maldives, sunset or moonlight sailing, night fishing, and the dolphin safari are just a sample of the experiences that awaits you to live at the Reethi Faru Resort. 

The coral islands of Maldives are a place of unparalleled natural beauty and unique, with a spectacular lifestyle and culture. A famous destination for its impeccable secluded islands, great sandy beaches, blue lagoons, sunny tropical climate and unique experiences, is what make the Maldives one of the best holiday destination in the world. If you have in mind to start a trip to Maldives, book now at the amazing Reethi Faru Resort and start preparing yourself for a once in a lifetime experience.