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An Exotic Breakfast Experience in Anantara Layan Phuket Resort!

PUBLISHED ON: | BY: Paris Sklavos
An  Exotic Breakfast Experience in Anantara Layan Phuket Resort!

Dig in one of the most popular hotel breakfasts in Phuket!

The breathtaking landscapes, rich history and delicious cuisine are only some of Phuket's characteristics that make it stand out from other Thai destinations. The island has been developed into one of the top-notch destinations for luxury holidays, and travelers from all over the world tend to visit it for exotic beach holidays, thus enlisting it among the best destinations in Asia!

Phuket's cuisine is delicious and diverse, hosting from small, traditional shops serving authentic Thai cuisine, to modern restaurants serving Thai dishes closer to the Western tastes. The locals follow the typical Asian diet, eating three meals per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and various snacks. 

Even though the breakfast in a Thai home is humble, the hotels offer breakfasts that are not humble at all. Most of the hotels in Thailand serve buffet breakfast, while many of them feature more than 2 areas where you can try different dishes.   Anantara Layan Phuket Resort is a great hotel located on the Layan Beach, whose diverse breakfast makes it stand out from the others. The breakfast in seperated into 9 sections: The Corner, the Oriental Zone, the Cold Cuts, the Hot Plates, the Free of Gluten, the Jams and Compotes, the Vegan, the Bubbly Day and the " In the Middle".

Let's discover one of the most delicious breakfasts in Phuket, and maybe, Asia!

The Green Corner

The Green Corner is ideal for athletes and people who are on a diet. This section is filled with super-foods and organic ingredients such as chia seeds, bee pollen, quinoa, barley, licorice, spirulina and ginger juice plus different health-benefiting seeds which you can add to your salad, cereal or yogurt.

✮ Don't miss to try the mixture of Spirulina, Ginger, Celery and Pineapple; it is among the healthiest breakfast choices on the menu. Besides, no one can resist a drink that looks like a magic potion!


Oriental Zone

We could not call it 'Asian' breakfast if it didn't include at least a special buffet section with traditional Thai cuisine. Oriental Zone serves  a complete selection of local breakfast dishes, such as the to-die-for Phuket noodles, local soups, dim sum, congee and pad Thai.

✮ Everything is cooked right before your eyes by the hotel's experienced cooks, further upgrading the breakfast experience!

Cold Cuts

At the "Cold Cuts" section, you may find some of the finest array of cheeses from France, Italy and Switzerland as well as, home-cured Parma, Paris and Coppa hams and pastrami. Their presentation, on wooden cutting boards, makes you feel like you are in a gourmet restaurant.

✮ Cheese is displayed in the most fascinating way, with a big wheel of Swiss Cheese being placed in the center of the Cold Cuts section!

Hot Plates

The Hot Plates section includes every dish that an Englishman would crave for for his breakfast, like various kinds of bacon, sausages and a number of egg recipes such as sunny-side up eggs, poached eggs, fried eggs, scrambled eggs and egg whites. Halal sausages and beef bacon are also available upon request.

✮ All ingredients are fresh and all dishes are prepared right after your order, ensuring their high quality and taste.

In the Middle

In the middle of the breakfast area, you will find lighter breakfast choices, including yogurts, smoothies, salads, smoked salmon, fresh bread and pastries. Salads are served inside mason jars, while there is also a selection of sauces available, including paprika mustard, Dijon mustard, thousand islands sauce and more. 

✮ The salads and the dressings are seperated in order to keep the ingredients fresh during breakfast time, while mason jars prevent them from spoiling.

Gluten Free

This section of gluten free products is one of the most necessary buffet sections in a hotel's breakfast, but the choices given are usually limited in almost all hotels and resorts, narrowing the breakfast options for a gluten intolerant person significantly. Anantara Layan Phuket Resort however,  has made sure to include its gluten-intolerant and has devoted an exclusive section to gluten free products such as freshly baked assortment of gluten free breads, low-calorie pastries, muffins and cereals.

✮ The maple crunch is a must-try! Combine a gluten-free muffin along with the spirulina smoothie mentioned above for a delicious morning meal! 

Fruit Market, Jams and Compotes

The Fruity Station, placed next to the Cold Cuts section, includes a wide range of fresh fruits, which will surely complement your breakfast with vitamins and nutrition. The section includes all kinds of tropical fruits like passion fruits, water melons, mangos and bananas.

There is not much to say for the "Jams and Compotes" section. It includes an extensive variety of homemade marmalades made exclusively from selected fresh fruit such as dragon fruit, oranges, melon and coconut compotes and mango, pineapple and coconut jams.

✮ Mason jars with fruits and caramel are also available. Some particularly delicious combinations are the Dragon Fruit Caramel, Guava Caramel and Orange Caramel. 

Vegan Choices

Anantara Layan Sala Layan's breakfast menu is so broad and diverse that vegan breakfast choices couldn't be missing. The fruits section and the super-foods corner offers plenty of vegan breakfast options. There is even a number of vegan dressing options you can accompany your salad with.

✮A great and delicious vegan breakfast idea includes a bowl of cereals, along with different types of super-foods and the spirulina smoothie as a substitute to yogurt or milk. 

A Bubbly Day

 A fine collection of Italian Proseccos and sparkling wines from Italy, is also available for those who want to keep it classy and accompany their cold cuts with a glass of good wine in the morning.

✮If you are not used to drinking wine in the morning, you should skip your usual morning coffee and try the delicious local juices, made with fresh locals fruits like watermelon, mango, carrots and apples.



And just like that, you have learned every secret of Anantara Laya Phuket Resort's breakfast. You can further discover the breakfast by watching the video below. If you want to see more of the hotel, click here to visit the hotel's official website! 

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