Located at the foot of the imposing Matterhorn Mountain in Switzerland, Zermatt is a wonderful town that boasts impressive views and a great diversity of activities to do in nature. The unique location of this small Swiss town, combined with its Alpine beauty, make it a particularly appealing destination for professional skiers, mountain sports beginners, nature aficionados or just travelers seeking beauty through their vacation.

Despite the mountainous location of the town, which will make you believe that it’s mainly a winter destination, Zermatt is also a wonderful choice for summer holidays. During summer season the vast snowy, white scenery gives its place to green landscapes and flowery slopes. Of course, the activities also differ from summer to winter, skiing being winter's most popular activity and trekking being summer's.

However, as in any trip, before you begin creating you to-do list of activities, you must first find the best accommodation for you. Finding a place to stay in Zermatt won’t be very difficult since the town boasts a great number of hotels and resorts, operating through all seasons. An exceptional hotel to choose, out of all the hotels in town, is the amazing Matterhorn FOCUS Design Hotel.

Check-in at the Matterhorn FOCUS Design Hotel

Modern design meets alpine nature at a superior 4-star hotel located under the shadow of the Matterhorn mountain. Matterhorn Focus Hotel is exclusively designed by the renowned designer Heinz Julen. The hotel is home to 30 rooms, including  from double rooms to family suites, all packed with advanced facilities and world-class services.

Special props to the delicious breakfast buffet where you can start your day with a scrumptious meal that is made with the purest of local ingredients. The lounge is a great place to socialize with other hotel guests, or drink a hot beverage by the fireplace while reading your favourite book.

Searching for a place to release your built-up tension?   Matterhorn Focus Hotel got you covered. The hotel is home to a stunning spa area that consists of an indoor pool, an outdoor jacuzzi, a saline bath (salt baths), a Finnish sauna and massage rooms. It's the only place to be when you want to relax and recharge their batteries after a long day of skiing or hiking.

A winter destination for top mountain activities or an intriguing town for summer vacation? Let's find out the top activities that will shape your winter and summer holidays in Zermatt!

Top activities in Zermatt during winter

Winter Sports on Matterhorn Mountain.

Matterhorn is one of the most famous mountains in Switzerland, known for its peculiar and unique shape. The great and well organized sport facilities of the area, attract many travellers and winter-sports' enthusiasts from all over the world. Skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, and sledging are some of the activities offered in Matterhorn Ski Paradise, the highest and most famous ski center in Switzerland.

Even people that aren’t familiar with ski or snowboard can learn at one of the nine ,in total, ski schools in Zermatt, where experienced ski instructors are available to the people who want to learn to ski or hone their skills. There are also sports shops available where ski equipment can be hired.

Winter Hiking on Gornergrat.

Winter hiking is another famous activity taking place at the snowy regions around Zermatt. Available for all kinds of travelers, hiking on the icy paths and sunny terraces of Gornergrat,while gazing the magnificent view of Matterhorn is considered as very joyful act, instead of other activities that might be described as quite difficult and demanding.

Matterhorn Glacier Ride.

The ride to the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise is a whole unique experience by itself, that all the visitors in Zermatt should experience. The new, modern designed 3S cableway with the innovative glass cabins offering a 360 view over the vast and beautiful Alpine scenery is a breathtaking experience.

Visit the magical Glacier Palace.

Inside the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, at the precise altitude of 3,821 meters above the sea level, lies the renowned Glacier Palace. A place that seems to have popped out of a fairytale is a popular attraction for travelers that comes to Zermatt. The icy atmosphere of the Palace with the majestic lighting effects is the perfect place to admire the natural ice formations or the sculpted creations by many special artists, walk through the tunnels and relax in this frozen heaven. 

Top activities in Zermatt during summer

Relaxing hiking excursions at the mountain lakes.

As a popular destination in summer, except winter, Zermatt sets the best location for hiking. When the area around the mountains of Zermatt are not filled with snow and ice, the place becomes a beautiful, green natural paradise suitable for endless walks. The clear summer atmosphere gives the best chance to the hikers to enjoy the great alpine landscapes along with the spectacular view of Matterhorn mountain. The lakes of the region around Zermatt, such as Riffelsee is an outstanding place to go witness the amazing that Matterhorn reflects on the clear surface of the lake.

Play golf at the Matterhorn Golf Club

Matterhorn Golf Club is the perfect place for visitors and locals to play golf and relax at the best golf center in the country. Located between the imposing and the highest mountains in Switzerland, Matterhorn Golf Club offers a 9-hole course area, a premium restaurant and, of course, a breathtaking view of Matterhorn and Breithorn.

Visit the Matterhorn Museum

The Matterhorn Museum in Zermatt, also known as Zermatlantis, is a spot where the ancient history of the region of Zermatt is unraveled. The subterranean museum shows to its guests a plethora of exhibits, such as old houses and huts of the village of Zermatt, the rope of the first descent of Matterhorn, stone tools from the Neolithic Age and many other things to see and admire the old history of the area.

Action-packed holidays you will remember!

Either you choose to visit Zermatt winter or summer, the only thing that is taken for granted is that the amazing little Alpine scenery will let you astonished regardless of the season. What keeps you from this amazing experience?   Book now at the spectacular Matterhorn FOCUS Hotel and experience the best vacation in the Swiss Alps of your life!