Naxos is one of the most popular islands in the Aegean Sea, along with Mykonos, Santorini, and Paros. Located in the center of the complex of Cyclades, is an island known for its amazing coastline full of beaches, the traditional and picturesque streets in the Chora, the impressive archeological monuments and a lively nightlife. 

As an island with a vibrant night scene, Naxos features a plethora of bars, nightclubs, restaurants and taverns, attracting young and old travelers likewise. The best time to visit Naxos is by the end of the spring until the early months of the autumn where the weather is still warm and Naxos is still bustling with tourists. 

Naxos is the ideal romantic destination in the Cyclades, offering many choices for couples and lovers to spend their holidays. The magical places of the island, posing in the beautiful summer dusk, radiating an amorous aura forms the best scenery to express your love. As a prominent greek island, Naxos boasts a great number of amazing and welcoming hotels perfectly formatted for an unforgettable romantic holidays.

One of the best hotels, suitable for romantic escapes in Naxos, is the beautiful   Saint Vlassis Hotel. Located in peaceful countryside, at the outskirts of the Chora of Naxos, Saint Vlassis Hotel stands as the perfect sanctuary for loving couples, honeymooners or travelers that seek privacy in their vacations.

Saint Vlassis Hotel: a discreet haven for perfect romantic holidays

The Saint Vlassis Hotel comprises a series of excellent accommodation services and concierge assistance to its guests. This premium hotel features a great range of specially designed rooms and suites, thus maintaining the traditional Cycladic style. It is the best place to relax and enjoy the premium amenities of this exceptional destination.

Amazing accommodation at The Saint Vlassis Hotel.

The hotel features 5 types of rooms, satisfying everyone’s needs and personal tastes. To the less demanding guests, the hotel offers a garden view double room and a standard double room, equipped with a premium king size bed, duck feather pillows, and access to all the facilities of the hotel. To the most demanding clients, Saint Vlassis Hotel offers an amazing executive double room, with the same amenities, as the two previous rooms, but with the addition of an outdoor hydro tub, for intimate and relaxing time since the room addresses mostly to couples.

Moving to the more premium facilities, the hotel features a specially designed suite, perfect for couples, groups or families since it includes a small lounge, increasing the maximum capacity of the suite up to four people. Last but not least, the secluded Penthouse Suite is the best choice for couples or honeymooners. A romantic low-ceiling suite, with modern decoration, includes a large king size bed, a high tech room, a great bathroom with fascinating design, and an amazing large veranda with a mini hydro pool, serving the best view of the main town of Naxos while drinking a glass of fine local wine.

Romantic things to do while staying at the Saint Vlassis Hotel

There is a great plethora of things to do and places to visit while staying at the marvelous Saint Vlassis Hotel. Before you start your romantic adventures on the island, begin your day by tasting the exquisite Mediterranean breakfast buffet specially prepared by the hotel’s staff.

The Saint Vlassis Hotel hotel also includes many intriguing facilities and services to make your trip even more interesting. Thanks to the its near proximity to the famous beach of St. George and to the main town, travelers can access the most significant places and venues by foot. You can visit the local shops, to choose the best gift to your beloved one or take a souvenir to remember your holidays. You can also visit the restaurants and the traditional taverns to taste the amazing Greek cuisine. The hotel also provides car rental services, just in case you want to explore the beauties of the rest of the island.

A programme of daily activities and excursions can be arranged from the helpful staff of the hotel. Bike riding, horse riding, and hiking at the breathtaking landscapes of Naxos are a good choice to explore the hidden treasures of the island. You can also enjoy a relaxing massage session taken care by the hotel’s specialists that are always at your disposal.   

Romantic strolls at the labyrinthine web of the cobbled narrow streets of the Chora, brisking and swimming at the great beaches of Naxos, or taking a romantic photo at the Temple of Apollon, also known as “Portara” the most famous sightseeing of Naxos, are some of the must do things that you and your ‘other half’ must do in order to enjoy the most out of Naxos.

Naxos is the best choice for unforgettable romantic experiences. The natural beauty of the island, the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the town, the unique monuments and sightseeings and the serene beaches in Naxos creates the best destination for couples and people in love. Whether you’re planning a romantic trip remember to include Naxos on your list. Book you staying now at the amazing Saint  Vlassis Hotel and live the most memorable romantic holidays of you life.