The bustling city of Hangzhou is one of the biggest and most populous cities in eastern China. Its popularity and development as a destination is due to its rich historical and cultural heritage. A region full of beautiful sightseeing, museums, historical monuments, and breathtaking landscapes, attracts many visitors and travelers throughout the year. 

West Lake is undoubtedly the most iconic and symbolic sightseeing of Hangzhou city, and also one of the most famous landmarks in China. Inspiring many poets and artists, West Lake’s breathtaking scenery looks like it popped out of a fairy-tale - makes you no wonder why it's among the best places for vacations. 

The location's enchanting view, through all the seasons, offers a series of amazing outdoor activities that highlight the beauties of the area and the local culture. Strolling, cycling or boat cruising in the lake, visiting the traditional pagodas or doing a picnic at the amazing gardens around the lake, are considered as the top and most famous activities performed by many tourists while staying at the city of Hangzhou.

The area around West Lake hosts a great number of hotels and resorts promising the best-staying experiences to the travelers. The excellent accommodation facilities in the region, combined with the impeccable beauty of the lake, create the best destination for romantic escapes, family vacations, group holidays with your loved ones or even solo trips where you can live the adventures of a traditional Chinese destination.  

Experience the luxury Chinese hospitality by checking-in at the Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou at West Lake

Near the west shores of West Lake lies the impeccable Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou, an intimate village, suitable for luxury enthusiasts and adventure seekers. A safe haven, hidden in the vast vegetation of West Lake, awaits to offer a range of premium services and top-rated facilities to its guests. Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou is a traditional Chinese hotel at first sight, with a twist of modern style, since it combines the traditional Chinese architecture with modern aesthetics and details.

Exceptional accommodation for all tastes

The Four Season Hotel Hangzhou at West Lake comprises a series of luxury amenities, capable to satisfy all kinds of tastes. The accommodation facilities of the hotel consist of three different kinds of room types, guest rooms, suites and villas.  

The simple and the premier garden-view room are suitable for the less demanding guests. With a maximum capacity of three guests and its simple but luxury amenities and decoration, are considered as the best rooms for families, groups or couples that seek intimacy and relaxation during their holidays. The premier garden-view room offers the best view of the garden or the hotel’s pond.

The Garden Terrace Room and the Panorama Garden Terrace Room are also great choices for families and for group of friends. Both of the rooms have a spectacular view of the garden or the pond, and a royal marble bathroom. Garden Terrace room offers extra privacy since it has a folding door to separate the conservatory from the terrace, while the panorama garden terrace room has an oversized sitting area with a desk suitable for group gatherings. 

The spacious Lotus Suite, is a stunning suite combining the amazing Chinese architecture with a collection of luxury amenities and modern designed furnitures. With a total capacity of three people, it makes the best room for couples or families, in order to enjoy their staying at the hotel. The suite has a remarkable marble bathroom and it offers a wonderful view to the garden and the pond. The suite also features a reading nook, the perfect spot for relaxation and leisure time with your precious companions.

The Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou also features six amazing villas combining luxury and privacy. The Presidential Villa, the Ambassador Villa, and the Governor Villa are three palatial villas, offering a stunning view to the gardens, suitable for large groups or big families. Each villa consists of three bedrooms with a maximum capacity of nine occupants. It also has a private pool, a private gym, private manicured gardens, a kitchen, and a dining room, while a sauna and a home theater are featured only to the governor villa.

The Lagoon Villa, the West Lake Villa, and the Royal West Lake Villa are much smaller than the previous three villas, but not less luxurious. They can fit up to three occupants and have a full marble bathroom, a dining room and view at the garden and the hotel’s lake.

Enjoy the best hotel facilities, overlooking the magnificent view of West Lake

Along with the premium accommodation, the Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou at West Lake offers a great number of top rated services and facilities that will make you fall in love with the hotel even more. Awarded restaurants and bars, spa facilities and many other indoor and outdoor activities, come to be added to your to-do list while staying by the West Lake.  

There are four ways to enjoy the exquisite culinary treasures that the hotel has to offer. Have a stylish lunch or dinner at the Jin Sha, an awarded signature restaurant located in the hotel. Jin Sha serves the best traditional Shanghainese, Cantonese and other local Chinese cuisines, making it the perfect place for a romantic dinner or a celebrating gathering. You can also taste a series of gourmet dishes and flavors of the European cuisine while sitting on the outdoor terrace of WL Bistro, overlooking the enchanting view of the West Lake.

The Lobby Lounge is an exceptional place to taste a cup of Hangzhou's renowned Longjing green tea while catching up with your friends or your travel companions. At last, whether you seek to share a romantic dinner in the privacy of your room or you are craving for a snack in the middle of the night, don’t hesitate to request the in-room dining service of the hotel.

During your stay at the Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou, you can visit the elegant spa center of the hotel. A collection of premium wellness services awaits you to live an unforgettable relaxing and self-pampering experience. Choose from a range of special body treatments, holistic therapies, massages, local beauty rituals, body scrubs, and scented baths, curated by the most sophisticated and well-trained staff.

Don’t forget to try two of the most favorites courses offered in the spa. First, the String Resonance Massage, a mesmerizing massage session accompanied with the relaxing melody of a specially designed string instrument, capable to relieve you from anxiety and restore your inner balance. And second, the Dragon-Well Tea and Jade Spring Ritual, which is a soothing bath infused with sixty thousand dragon-well tea leaves, creating the best fragrant treatment to restore your peace of mind.

The hotel also includes a fitness center, where guests can maintain their active routine by weight lifting and hitting the treadmill, and a marvelous indoor imperial-style pool where guests can enjoy a refreshing swim or lay back and relax on the daybeds near the water.

The remarkable Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou, located at the most unique place in China, West Lake, hosts some of the most special events. As an additional service, the hotel can organize your dream wedding or your important business conference and meeting at the specially equipped rooms.

Set on a legendary landscape of mountains, pagodas, Chinese gardens filled with colorful aromatic flowers and beautiful misted lagoons, the hotel also offers many thrilling outdoor activities. You can participate in a yoga class, beside the pond, where you can improve your balance and the strength of your core, or alternatively you can try the Tai Chi group classes.

While staying at the hotel, it is highly recommended to organize a series of excursions in order to explore the beauties and the landmarks around West Lake. Boat cruising on the lake, hiking around the parks and the winery yards of the area and visiting the temples and the pagodas, are some of the most famous activities as a traveler, while visiting the West Lake near Hangzhou city.

Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou at West Lake is the perfect destination to embrace the Chinese local culture. The magical landscapes around West Lake will make you believe like you are living in a folkloric fairy tale you always dreamed about. Discover all the beauties and the secrets of the West Lake and Hangzhou City and collect some of the most precious memories.   Book now at the spectacular Four Seasons Hotel Hangzhou and prepare to live your most unforgettable holidays.