Santorini boasts a dramatic landscape that compares to none other. It is a Mecca for couples and newlyweds, that is distinguished for its imposing Caldera views, breathtaking sunsets, luxurious, cave-like hotels, and white-washed buildings. The island's Mediterranean beauty immediately puts you in a mood for vacations and authentic Greek cuisine.

Santorini's rich volcanic soil nurtures the local agricultural products with a unique taste that truly greatly deficiencies from the taste that you are used to. Lots of vegetables grow in abundance on the island including fava, white aubergines, capers, and cherry tomatoes. At the same time, Santorini is also known as a "wine island" so wine lovers cheer as many grape varieties grow there like Assyrtiko, Athiri, Aidani, Mavrotragano, Nykteri, and Vinsanto.

So, it's crystal clear that the food experience of Santorini is food and diverse. When it comes to gourmet cuisine, whatsoever, there are very few restaurants that stand out, and one of them is La Colline Restaurant, also known as the only restaurant on the island serving gourmet French cuisine. Let's find out what makes this restaurant so special.


A Chef is the kitchen's heart!

Before we head to explore La Colline Moscow-Santorini's menu and atmosphere, we must first meet the restaurant's chef, or as we call him, the heart of the kitchen. La Colline Restaurant Moscow-Santorini is curated by the super-talented chef Jerome Coustillas. His 30+ experience in the culinary industry is reflected in the menu’s fine balance between flavor, texture, and aroma.

Jerome has worked at some of the finest restaurants and hotels all over the world and worked with some of the biggest names in gastronomy. The first La Colline Restaurant opened at Moscow in 2006, and 8 years later La Colline Restaurant expanded in Santorini. Jerome began his quest in Santorini in 2014, and since then he provides high-quality dishes to his guest with dishes that satisfy all five senses. Let's discover the flavors that you will enjoy at La Colline Restaurant Moscow-Santorini!

A journey of all five senses!

Villa Bordeaux's Restaurant, La Colline Moscow-Santorini was inspired by the passion and philosophy of the French gastronomy. The restaurant will allow you to experience true Art de Vivre with exceptional flavours from the French Cuisine. All dishes use the finest ingredients from the volcanic islands of the Cyclades, ensuring a delicious, fresh dining experience.

The restaurant's menu includes a selection of appetizers, from which we highly recommend the super deluxe ceviche of Aegean sea bass and langoustes, seaweed and citrus marinade or the Mediterranean seafood variation and ginger gelee on cucumber. For main course, you can select from a diversity of fish and meat dishes, including "The Marseillaise bouillabaisse" cooked in Aegean style or Milk-fed lamb served with Santorinian white eggplant caviar.

The caldera menu features familiar tastes with a diversity of local and not-so-local recipes like the traditional Greek salad, sea bass tartare, cheese cold cut with local marmalade, and royal crayfish tagliatelle. For dessert you can enjoy the famous and healthy Greek yogurt with honey and walnuts, or the gourmet and hot Santorinian volcano with a portion of melting ice-cream on top of it (the hotel's dessert "Volcano" is a registered trademark in whole Europe).

Wash it all down in style!

Villa Bordeaux's elegant and stylish 4 Elements Champagne Bar is the perfect place to chill in the afternoon. Whether it is for a delicious aperitif before your dinner, or an after cocktail to wash it all down, this is the place to be.

The bar's menu in enriched with a diversity of Greek distills, strong spirits, cognacs, gins, rum and tequilas, and vermouths. It also features a wide selection of classic cocktails and signature drinks which we highly recommend trying.

Of course, there is also a mezze menu that can accompany your drinks with delicious sides like cheese croquettes, fava, fish soup, platters of cold cuts, cheese and olives, and other sweet delicacies.

A few words about Villa Bordeaux!

Perched on the cliff of the Caldera, Villa Bordeaux offers high-end luxury in Fira town. In addition to the rich dining experience, the hotel offers a world-class stay to its guests, with all of its rooms overlooking Santorini's imposing landscape. The hotel's minimal design with wooden furniture and modern facilities create a wonderful atmosphere to relax and unwind.

The hotel is proud home to the biggest infinity pool in Fira where you will be invited to dive in its tranquil waters and sunbathe under Santorini's warm sun. Special props to Villa Bordeaux's amazing location, featuring the best views in Fira (Santorini's heart). Moreover, a great selection of bars and restaurants will be at your doorstep!

Dining at Villa Bordeaux is surely a unique experience that will introduce you to a higher level of gastronomy. So, there is nothing to hold you back from visiting the hotel,   check prices directly at the hotel here, or visit its website for more information and photos by clicking here.