Antwerp is a city situated at one of the most gay-friendly countries in the world. There are many anti-discrimination laws while the people are very positive and not judgmental of the LGBT community! Considering that, you will not face any hate behaviors even if you show your love publicly! 

Antwerp is a city that is loved by anyone who visits it! Its main characteristics that make it an attractive destination for a tourist who belongs in the LGBT community are:

  • The high acceptance of homosexuality.
  • The organized gay life of the country.
  • The amount of gay events that take place.
  • The low criminal rates.
  • The beauty of this city. 

Gay Hotspots

Antwerp, as the 2nd biggest city in Belgium, has one of the most organized gay life! There are several gay hotspots which attract the LGBT audience such as:

  • Gay Bars, such as La Demence, Red & Blue and Hessenhuis.
  • Gay Sauna, such as 't Herenhuis and Kouros Sauna.
  • Gay Events such as LeatherPride 2015, H.I.M. and Antwerp Gay Pride 2015.
  • Gay Cruise clubs and bars, such as The Boots, Kinky's and Ran.dom.
  • Gay Parties such as Extravaganza Party.  

Gay Events

Antwerp is the 2nd biggest city in Belgium with great gay organized life, so it's only natural to host several gay events and festivals annually. Antwerp pride is the biggest and the most known festival in Antwerp. LeatherPride is a great event that attracts people from all over the world. H.I.M is another great event which is worthy the visit for at least once.

Online Gay Chatting

The most famous gay online chatting platforms and applications are OnlyLads, GayXChange, Realjock, GayDating, Grindr, and PlanetRomeo.

Gay Accommodation

You can find some exclusively gay small hotels, but we would suggest you to prefer a gay-friendly one! It will be easier to find gay-friendly hotels because there is surely a large variety of them as well as you will be given much more luxurious amenities!