Gay Acceptance

Thailand is generally a really open-minded country and Phuket definitely is one of its most gay-friendly destinations! Same-sex sexual intercourse is legal while the Gay & Lesbians of the country can serve openly in the military. The locals of Phuket are very friendly and welcoming so most probably you won't have to face any hate behaviors! Also, the crime rate is relatively low considering the fact that it's a poor country.

Gay Aspects

Phuket surely consists a great destination that anyone from the LGBT community should consider visiting. Some of its characteristics that make it an excellent choice for gay vacations are:

  • Organised gay life.
  • Excellent gay and gay-friendly hotels.
  • Beautiful exotic nature.
  • Big and active LGBT community.
  • Amazing gay bars and clubs.
  • Exotic beaches with crystal-clear waters.


Gay Hotspots

There are several spots in Phuket that attract the LGBT community. The places where you can find the most gay people are:

  • Gay saunas and spa: Noteworthy saunas and spas in Phuket are: Aquarius Sauna, Hiranyikara Spa, TARA Sauna, Two Hands Massage and Spartacus Massage
  • Gay bars and clubs: The gay nightlife of Phuket is surely one of the most organised in the whole country. Good gay bars and clubs that you should definitely visit are: Kiss Club, Yes Bar & OK Karaoke, ZAG Club, My Way Cabaret, Sundowners Bar and Boat Bar.
  • Patong gay beach: That beach has been a meeting point for the LGBT community for many years!

Gay Beaches

The only beach that can be considered gay because it gathers many gay people is Patong Beach. It is relatively easy to find it because there is a big rainbow flag pointing the area! Except Patong Beach, there aren't any other gay beaches in Phuket. Nevertheless, there are several excellent beaches which are gay-friendly and you won't face any problems as long as you keep a seemly behavior!

Gay Events

The most famous event in Phuket that attracts the most gay people is Phuket Pride. There are several other small events, festivals and parties that take place in Phuket every season which are not scheduled annually!

Online Gay Chatting

The most famous gay online chatting sites and applications in Phuket are:

  • RealJock
  • OnlyLads
  • GayXChange
  • Gay Thailand
  • PlanetRomeo

Gay Accommodation

Sadly, In Phuket you won't be able to find any exclusively gay hotels or resorts. Nonetheless, there are several gay-friendly hotels which are truly excellent and won't disappoint you! Be careful, some hotels charge extra for overnight visitors.


Single Travelers

Phuket is surely a great destination to visit either alone or with company! Phuket is an island which offers its visitors various options of entertainment so it's really difficult to get bored! The gay nightlife is much organized and that makes it easier to meet new gay people. The LGBT community is very friendly and social while they are really open in meeting new people from foreign countries. Considering the fact that it's a poor country, it has really low criminality rate. For travellers that seek a different kind of entertainment, there are many cruising points.

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