There are special massage therapies focusing on relaxation and stress relief and massages for treating pain and specific health conditions, and spa & wellness resorts in Thailand, offer a great variety of massage therapies. Thai massage though, focuses on the entire body, releasing all your positive energy. It is a type of massage is both energizing and, at times, relaxing as the therapist applies yoga-like movements, along with some direct or rhythmic pressure on the muscles. It’s an ideal message technique that raises your energy levels, increases flexibility, and adds on the overall health and well-being of your body! 

A set of herbs and Thai herbal balls necessary for spa therapy.

Thai massage focuses on the rhythmic pressure of on the muscles of the body. 

Thai Foot Massage session in a Spa Resort.

Thai Foot massage with bamboo sticks.

Thai Masseuse doing compress-style massage in spa salon. 

Woman is getting shoulder and elbow massage in Thai Massage spa.

Thai spa & massage therapy using traditional Thai herbal balls.

A relaxing session of face Thai massage.

Thai massage technique of releasing stress by kneading the foot and leg muscles.

Thai massage is something all wellness travelers must try when visiting Thailand! Many hotels & spa resorts, offer a great variety of massage treatments and therapies, for a complete original Thai massage experience