The capital of Greece, Athens, features a vivid and diverse gay scene that has nothing to be jealous of other popular gay cities like Barcelona and London. Athens' gay nightlife might not be considered "crazy" but it's definitely fabulous. Most of the gay bars of Athens can be found around Gkazi Area, while you can find a couple of gay venues in St. Irene's square as well.

The gay bars and clubs usually open in the midnight, and they stay open until very early in the morning. The cafe-bars that operate all day close usually until 2-3 a.m., and they are great for a coffee break during the day, or a pre-night out cocktail before heading out to the real thing. In addition to the gay hotspots, do not miss to visit some iconic bars of Athens, like the hidden bar that you can only enter if you know password or the bar inside a train's wagon.

So, let's discover the most popular gay bars in Athens:

Sodade2 - The most popular gay bar in Athens that was renovated in 2016. It has been in the center of Athens' gay life for more than 12 years attracting a good range of gay audiences. The entrance fee is 7 euros and it gets pretty busy after 1-2am, especially on Saturday. The entrance fee includes a drink! (Google Coordinates)

Photo Credits: Sodade2

Shamone - Here you will find the hottest and classiest gay men of Athens. Shamone is famed to be one of the chicest venues of Athens with a wide range of cocktails and spirits to enjoy surrounded by Greek hot guys. Also with an entrance fee of 7 euros including a drink, this bar organizes regularly some very nice gay performances. The age of its audience is between 25-40. (Google Coordinates)

Rooster - A gay cafe-bar in Agia Eirini Square in Monastiraki with a very friendly and chill atmosphere where you can have a coffee or a beer and relax. It gets pretty busy mainly in the afternoon! (Google Coordinates)

Noiz - Also a very popular bar/club that attracts mainly lesbians and young gay people. It also has an entrance fee of 7 euros including a drink. The music playing is mainly house and other dance beats. (Google Coordinates)

S-Cape - It's a gay club that attracts all types of crowds including transsexuals, lesbians, younger gay men and their older admirers. It's not known for its good quality audience but it has an entrance fee of 5 euros which includes a drink while the second drink is 2-3 euros.(Google Coordinates)

Photo Credits: Noiz

Moe - It's a popular gay bar and nightclub for people who want to party until dawn. Occasionally, you will find themed gay parties and special offers on the cocktails. (Google Coordinates)

Big Bar - One of its kind, Big Bar is a gay venue for the bear types of the gay community featuring a very friendly atmosphere and quite cheap drinks. Many choose to drink a cocktail before they head out to the bigger gay venues like Sodade or Noiz. (Google Coordinates)

Koukles Club - A popular drag-cabaret bar featuring amazing nightly shows that will excite you. It's located near Eirini Square in Monastiraki and it's something unique that you should definitely see when in Athens! (Google Coordinates)

Since you are going to need somewhere to stay when visiting Athens, these are the top Recommended Gay-Friendly Hotels nearby Athens' Gay Nightlife!

18 Micon Str., Psyrri

Located at cobblestone alleys of Psyrri, 18 Micon Str is a place of inspiration for art and design lovers. It's ideally located at the heart of Athens, at a walking distance from Gazi, St. Irene Square, as well as the busiest street in Athens, Ermou. It's the perfect hotel if you do not have a vehicle!


Met34 Athens Hotel, Syntagma

MET34 Hotel is located in Syntagma, and more particularly, by Athen's main shopping street Ermou. You will be super close to St. Irene Square, however Gkazi is about 30 minutes walking from the hotel. You can walk down to Monastiraki Square and take the blue line towards Agia Marina, it's only one station. Le Petit Village is a great place to visit every morning for a coffee or a refreshing juice!


NJV Athens Plaza, Syntagma

Also located in the historic Syntagma Square, staying at NJV Athens Plaza guarantees that you will have plenty of transportation options available at any time of the day. St. Irene Square might be at a walking distance, however, Gkazi is pretty far away. Of course, it's only two stops away if you take the blue line towards Agia Marina (5 mins). 


Electra Metropolis Athens, Syntagma

With undisturbed views over Acropolis and Athens' urban landscape, Electra Metropolis Athens ensures a premium staying experience like nowhere else. The hotels offers all kinds of facilities and services, including a fab swimming pool at the 10th floor, where you an cool off during the day. It's also close to St. Irene Square but you have to take a metro to reach gkazi!