Bangkok was once called the Venice of Asia and floating markets used to be part of the everyday life. Many people gathered at these markets to buy or sell their products on boats. Nowadays, floating markets have become an activity to have fun, much like a festival, and people on their boats sell prepared delicacies to foreign & other locals. The most popular floating markets in Bangkok are:

  1. Amphawa Floating Market - Easily the most popular floating market in Bangkok, Amphawa's canal is lined up with authentic wooden houses selling souvenirs and other local delicacies. The canal is also filled with boats selling homemade local dishes. It's not recommended to visit it past midday, as it gets really crowded.    (Google Coordinates)
  2. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market - It's a huge and colorful floating market filled with boats selling fruits & souvenirs, particularly popular to the tourists of Bangkok. During the weekends, several tours are organized by travel companies so it gets really busy.    (Google Coordinates)
  3. Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market - Even though it's quite small, the floating market in Khlong Lat Mayom is definitely one of the most beautiful ones in the city. It's not very popular to the tourists, so you are going to be one of the very few foreigners who visit it. Here you can try all kinds of sweets and fruits that you can imagine!    (Google Coordinates)
  4. Taling Chan Floating Market - The floating market of Taling Chan has just the right number of boats to be called a floating market, and the right amount of people so as not to be considered crowded. Even though its entrance isn't quite impressive, the real market, a bit further ahead, is definitely worth the visit. It's also near Khlong Lat, so you could visit these 2 markets in a day, so double win!!!    (Google Coordinates)
  5. Bang Nam Phueng Floating Market - It's the newest addition to the floating markets of Bangkok with most of the stalls built on solid ground. It's situated at the eastern side of Bangkok and, even though it's the smallest market of all, it has a wide diversity of food to taste!!!    (Google Coordinates)

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