Being in charge of planning a family trip holds a lot of responsibility, so you need to include all of your organizational skills if you want to make sure everything is packed and that you’ve attended to everyone’s needs. Don’t risk forgetting your passports, or cell phone chargers, but check out a few handy organization tips that will help you handle the next family vacation like a pro.

Rely on apps and smart devices

Thanks to modern technology, a family trip planning won't cause you headaches anymore. With a myriad of helpful mobile apps and websites, you’ll be organized before, during and after the vacation. Look for the travel apps that you can download to your phone. The ones that contain maps and directions will be especially convenient. Whether you want to visit Australia, South America or Africa, mobile travel mobile apps will keep you up to date and make the trip so much easier.

Lists for everything

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The larger the family, the more stuff you’ll need to bring on your vacation. This is precisely why you’ll need several lists from which you’ll check off each item after you’ve packed them. Also, make a list for all the chores you need to do prior to the trip, such as scheduling mail to arrive when you’re back, taking the pet to a hotel or your neighbour, taking out the trash, and many other duties you need to attend to, so you can leave your home neat and tidy. Lists will make sure you don't forget anything important and minimize the risk of travel-related stress.

Check your vehicle

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If you decide to spend your vacation on wheels, and maybe have a road trip through Australia, it’s essential that you check the safety of your vehicle. You don’t want to risk ending up with a malfunction somewhere in the middle of Western Australia and have to pay an awful lot of money for the repair. It would be a good idea for you to look for a local mechanic in Perth on your way through the Land Down Under, and have them check your vehicle for any potential malfunction. You’ll have your vehicle’s condition estimated so you’ll know that all the passengers will arrive safely to Sydney, Brisbane and all the other cities you’ve planned on visiting on your car adventure.

Files and folders

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Creating an itinerary will help you stay organized during your trip. Write down flight numbers and times, phone numbers of travel agents, rental car companies, addresses of hotels, and the address and phone number of your country’s embassy if you plan on travelling outside your country. All the necessary paperwork, including passports and visas, health insurance policies, the copy of your Itinerary, flight and hotel information, maps and directions should be in one place. Use a folder to keep them organized and make sure you don’t lose them. You can also keep magazines and brochures inside the folder, and browse through all the interesting locations you want to visit while on your vacation.           

Keep the little ones entertained

If you’re travelling with little kids, you’ll need to make sure they’re entertained during the entire trip, so that they don’t become fussy and stress you out. Pack plenty of their favourite snacks, but throw in something healthy as well, such as apples, carrots, and bananas to give them a bit of vitamin boost as well. Juice boxes and chocolate bars, along with their favourite games, gadgets and entertainment they usually engage in, will keep them in their seats and stop the obnoxious Are we there yet tantrums. Everything from travel-size games, colouring and activity books, to age-appropriate reading material should keep their mind away from the fact that your holiday destination is hours away. Don't forget a few plastic bags, in case of unexpected bouts of motion sickness. Towels, stain removal sticks and wet wipes should always be within arm's reach because we all know how kids can be unpredictable with spills and mess.

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Planning a family vacation takes a lot of time and meticulous brainstorming, but once you figure out all the key factors, you'll easily work your way around it and organize the most unforgettable holiday ever. Just make sure you stick to the lists, feel free to rely on apps and gadgets, make an itinerary and keep everything in a folder. Check if your vehicle is set for a long drive, and make sure your children stay entertained through an entire trip, so that you can enjoy the ride and have peace of mind.