Although mainly known for its eccentric nightlife, the Greek Island of Mykonos also provides a culinary journey for those who are willing to explore it! Before you get started, familiarize yourself with the towns of Mykonos to decide which direction you want to head to! 

Towns of Mykonos


Chora, also known as Mykonos Town is the capital of Mykonos and definitely the most picturesque and popular village on the entire island. The whitewashed buildings, windmills, pelican of Mykonos and the street of Little Venice are what make Mykonos distinguishable. All of the parties and nightlife that you hear about also happen in this town!

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Ano Mera is the second largest village on Mykonos, which is famous for its monastery of Panagia Tourliani and the small beaches a short drive away. This town is more ideal to visit if you want to feel pampered by local stores and restaurants without being bombarded by herds of tourists. 
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Glastros is technically not a village but a small settlement that is close to Chora. There are plenty of summer houses, hotels, taverns and restaurants that can be found here. 

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Where to Eat

Dining in Mykonos, although pricier than other Greek islands, is definitely delicious and worth every penny. Most of the dining establishments can be found in the town of Chora, including popular restaurants such as M-Eating, Funky Kitchen, Nikos Taverna and Daniele & Alessandro. However, the real gems are hidden in the smaller and lesser known towns of Ano Mera and Glastros.

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The first thing you will notice when stepping into any restaurant in Ano Mera is the freshness of their ingredients! This is because of the residents of the town have their own land and animals, therefore, they cultivate their own products! In the center square, you will find plenty of small restaurants that feature traditional Greek dishes. We recommend you try the restaurant Cucina Di Daniele! Cucina Di Daniele is owned by a man from Tuscany, who prepares his dishes using locally sourced ingredients from small-scale producers back where he lives.

The restaurant lies above Ftelia Beach and serves delicious, homemade dishes. Locals rave on the amazing service and the beautiful presentation of the dishes. The popularity of this restaurant has even got a second branch opening up on the island soon! 

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Little Venice is located in the main town of Chora, so definitely head here for the most variety of different foods! There are plenty of international restaurants that serve American, Mediterranean and Asian foods! The best part about dining in this town are the stunning views that come with it. Almost all restaurants overlook the blue Aegean Sea and feature glimpses of the white domed building from your dining table! 

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For those who want to experience the ultimate luxury without compromising convenient and delicious meals, we recommend Branco Mykonos! The stunning views of the Aegean, alongside the white rooms and private balconies makes this hotel the perfect getaway. 

When hungry, visit Zingara Restaurant,which is located at the seashore of Platis Gialos. It is a fantastic choice for a lunch or dinner! The chefs at this restaurant enjoy experimenting with traditional Greek cuisine, incorporating modern twists and using old memories to re-invent classics. 

The amazing service, design of the interior and calming live music make this a must-try!

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What to Eat


In the Mediterranean, you can't go wrong with eating seafood! Mykonos has an abundant amount of seafood, such as octopus, squid, fish and lobster, all fresh from the sea! A local favorite is the calamari, which tastes even better while you are sitting sea-side watching the sunset. 

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Of course, the Greeks are known for their delicious sweets to end off a nice meal! Try traditional Greek desserts such as bougatsa (phyllo wrapped with cream), diples (fried turnovers) or melomakarona (soft cookies dipped in honey or syrup, covered with grounded walnuts).

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Souvlaki should be the official food of Greece, as it can virtually be found on any island and mainland location, at every corner! Although the cost of living in Mykonos is very high, you can cut down on expenses by eating this Greek classic for a few of your meals (it costs around 3 euros). Souvlaki consists of pita bread, gyro or souvlaki meat (on a stick or shredded), and is typically topped with lettuce, tomato, fries and tzatziki. 

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