Greek islands are known for their gay-friendly and relaxed attitude, and Crete is surely among the ones that stand out. Its fabulous attitude, unique culture, and beautiful landscape have seduced many gay travellers to visit it during the past few years and it will continue to do so for many years to come. It's visited by over 2 million visitors each summer, so there's plenty of boy fun to go around. With the right apps and attitude, you are going to have a hell of a time!

As Crete is the biggest island in Greece, you must pick the town where you will be staying carefully, if you want to be near the top gay places. And, except if you are prepared to spend some hours on the road, the best area to stay for gay holidays is by far Hersonissos. Not only it's super close to Crete's capital, Heraklion, but also to a gay beach and various towns with a rich nightlife. You can't help but love Hersonissos!

So, let's discover the top gay things to do near Hersonissos either you are with your Mr. Husband, Mr. Boyfriend, or Mr. Hot Summer Fling.

Top Gay Things to do in a nutshell:

  • Visit the Gay/Gay-Friendly Beaches near Hersonissos
  • Have fun at the nearby Gay Bars
  • Non Gay Activities that you would love to check out!


We know that before deciding to stay in Hersonissos means that you have to find a hotel, which is double the bother if you have already found a sweet resort in other parts of Crete. This is why we decided to make your hotel research easier by narrowing your hotel options to the best one. After checking out the top gay-friendly hotels in Crete, we realized that a luxury boutique hotel called Elysium Boutique Hotel is the perfect gay-friendly option for every gay traveller.

Elysium Boutique Hotel boasts an effortlessly elegant adults-only experience and a peaceful beachfront setting that will make you feel relaxed and cozy. Its rooms were perfectly designed, making the most of their beachfront setting. The Double Bungalows and Rooms with Independent Pool is the new addition to the hotel's accommodation options, and they are all gorgeous. Especially if you are a couple, you will love the tranquility and privacy that you will enjoy in these rooms.

Last but not least, the hotel's recent upgrade has gifted it a wonderful gym with yoga and pilates area. Great to enjoy a relaxing session after a day exploring Crete. While the new conference room makes it a beloved option for business travellers as well.

Visit the Gay/Gay-Friendly Beaches near Hersonissos

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Hersonissos is home and nearby many gorgeous beaches, however, among them, only one is officially gay. Of course, there are various nude beaches near Hersonissos, which are frequented by gay travellers. Lastly, the popular beaches of Crete attract large crowds, among of which are many gay travellers.

Sarantari Beach: The Only Gay Nude Beach near Hersonissos!

Sarantari beach is located on the north east end of Hersonissos on the coast. The sandy beach and crystal clear waters are a sight to see, especially alongside the towering rock formations. To get here, you must walk towards a tavern named Sarantaris and climb down the rocks in front of the tavern.

The beach is a nude beach and the most gay-friendly beach in Crete; so the sights to see aren't just sand, rock, or water if you know what I mean. Actually on second thought, maybe there'll be more rock than the formations along the coast.

The spectacular views draw a great crowd, allowing you to meet interesting guys in the area if you're open to conversations with them. There aren't many activities in the area, but you don't need activities when you're swimming and socializing with the gays.

Nude Beaches near Hersonissos

Nude beaches are quite popular in Crete, and a few are close to the Hersonissos region. However, keep in mind that these beaches are usually pretty small coves which, depending on the season that you visit, are frequented by non-naturists as well. Some notable mentions are Agia Pelagia beach and Plaka beach. These beaches are quite empty and peaceful for those looking to get their body tan without the stares of others. 

Star Beach: The most popular Beach near Hersonissos

Star beach is one of the most popular beaches near Hersonissos

Star beach is located in the north east area of Hersonissos, and is known for being a big entertainment beach, made up of both the beach area with watersports, as well as a water park area with rides and games. At the beach, you can participate in boating, tubing, parasailing, jet skiing, water skiing, and scuba diving. 

There are also parties that are hosted by Star Beach that are filled with music every day. During the summer, there are some bigger events with world famous DJ's. They also have themed parties like bikini parties, white parties, and foam parties.


To discover the beaches of Crete, you will definitely need a car. Transportation is pretty good on the island but not as trustworthy as your car. If you don't want to use a car nor waste any time on transportation, Elysium Boutique Hotel's beachfront setting will seem like a blessing to you. Analipsi Beach is a wonderful sandy beach where many of the hotel's guests like to hang out. It's sandy with mixed crowds and a great option for gay travelers.

If you don't like the mess of a pool, Elysium Boutique Hotel, once again, has got you covered with its gorgeous outdoor pool working 9 am to 8 pm.

Evening Cocktails at the Gay Bars

Hersonissos is very close to a couple of gay bars and clubs where you can have a relaxed drink with your Grindr date, boyfriend or friends. Don't expect to find huge crowds at these places as they are pretty alternative and the locals are not open with their sexuality. In any case, all bars attract mixed crowds, so surprising friendships can happen at the most unexpected of places.

Let's discover the two gay bars near Hersonissos!


YOLO (You Only Live Once) Bar is located on the north-east of Hersonissos against the coast. The bar is all about the service and experience, catering in a style true to its name. The size is fairly small, but there's a cozy atmosphere that allows tourists and locals alike to enjoy a night at this bar. The drinks are reasonably priced and there's a dance floor towards the back, so you can kick back drinks until you're ready to get your freak on.

Before midnight, the bar is perfect for meeting new people and having good conversation. As it gets later on weekends, the dance floor fills up and creates a recipe for an unforgettable and often regrettable night out.

Make sure to visit the bar at least once on your gaycation in Crete to appreciate and experience gay nightlife in Crete. There's also a 24-hour McDonalds right next to the bar for late night cravings, really the ideal way to end the perfect night out.

Nova Bar

Nova bar is located in Malia, a town in eastern Hersonissos, along the coastline. The bar is relatively small but boasts a cozy and friendly atmosphere. The drinks are reasonably priced and quite tasty. The combination of good drinks and a friendly atmosphere makes it the perfect way to meet new people.

The gay locals and bartenders can tell you about other things to do in Crete, especially ones that are gay-friendly. These bars usually also know the best cruise locations if you're interested, as they can vary throughout the year. Come visit for a great experience!


If the above gay bars are not of your type, then you can always enjoy a cocktail at the Bars "Biss and Divine". Bliss, as a bar-restaurant, is great for casual drinks and socializing during the day, sourcing you with various refreshing drinks and snacks while you sunbathe at the hotel's pool. Frequent themed nights take place at Bliss Bar - a pretty welcomed surprise by the hotel's guests.

For an intimate evening cocktail in a sophisticated bar, you can opt for The Divine Bar. Found besides the lobby area, it's the perfect place to enjoy refreshing beverages, juices and drinks. The wine and cocktail menus will surprise you with their quantity and authenticity. If you are lucky, you may grab an event or two!

More Things to do in Hersonissos!

There are tons of places to visit in Hersonissos that are not gay but as fabulous as the gay places. Hersonissos is rich in culture, history, and entertainment. These places are little different compared to the bars and beaches we wrote about earlier, in the sense that they're not gay-only but more like places that every visitor of Hersonissos loves to see.

Bay of Malia

Bay of Malia is located in the eastern area of Hersonissos. The area is nice to roam around in due to its streets and the history contained in them. The archaeological sites such as the Minoan Palace and Krasi fountains are sights to see and admired by all who visit. The nightlife is also popping, with bars active throughout the night. In fact, the bay is where Nova Bar is, mentioned above.

Afentis Christos

Afentis Christos is a small inlet at the north coast of Crete in Hersonissos. There is a small church here where individuals gather to feast during holidays, as well as hold a service. Across from the church, there is a spring whose water is said to contain healing powers that help women conceive children.

Labyrinth Park

Hersonissos is the entertainment district of Crete, so the best way to explore the area and have fun is to channel your inner child. Labyrinth Park is a theme park for you to go crazy and reminisce about the joys and freedom of being a child.

There are plenty of activities to participate in like mini-golf, riding quad bikes, visiting the eco-garden, archery, horse riding, escape room, and the main attraction, the Labyrinth. The Labyrinth is a maze designed by the world's number 1 maze designer, Adrian Fisher, where you can run around searching for clues and trying to find the Minotaur.

This adventure theme park is the perfect way to spice up your gaycation and get closer to friends or more-than-friends. Laugh, cry, and run your way through the games for the time of your life, a vacation activity that can truly make you happy.

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Gay Hersonissos: An Experience to Remember!

All in all, it must be obvious to you as well that Hersonissos is a premium gay destination for everyone, and a must-visit for those in Greece or Crete. Its convenient location, nearby so many gay places, means that it is frequented by more gay travellers as well. So, grab your friends or loved ones and start planning your trip to Hersonissos now!