Most probably, you have always dreamed of living a full vacation experience in Bali, lying at the hottest beaches and staying in the fanciest hotels. But did you know that Bali is home to one of the hottest beach clubs in the world? So, when planning your trip to Bali, make sure to include at least one visit to Potato Head Beach Club! And don’t bother about where to stay in Seminyak. As an artsy spirit with party vibes you probably are, Travel by Interest has the ideal hotel for you: Dash Seminyak Hotel!

What is Potato Head?

Potato Head is what kids call their friends for fun… just kidding! Potato Head Beach Club in Seminyak is one of the hottest beach clubs in Bali — and not only! With a wide range of restaurants and bars, as well as spaces for cultural events and festivals, Potato Head is much more than just a beach club!

Offering such a multidimensional experience, many travellers choose to spend the entire day there, enjoying the amenities and services it offers, as well as attending the various events, festivals and other artsy happenings.

How did it all begin?

The background story of Potato Head in Seminyak is most of all romantic! Once upon a time, Ronald Akili, a twenty-something year-old gallerist and Art Collector, teamed up with his friend Jason Gunawan to open a restaurant. This fulfilled his wife’s dream, who always wanted to run such a business. In addition, the opening of the restaurant coincided with the launching of Ronald and Jason’s art space, the Ark Galerie.

Why Potato Head?

The duo decided to make the project even more personal, giving it a catchy, fun name — contrary to the usual 'chic' and 'high-end' names of Bali restaurants and bars. Potato Head was indeed an inspirational name, which, of course, needed a really funky design. The uniqueness of their approach was the key to their success, and they now count 6 Potato Head collectives, located in Bali, Singapore, Jakarta, and Hong Kong.

What to Do in Potato Head?

Potato Head Beach Club offers a wide range of dining options, from Indonesian to sharing plates and tropical cocktails at the bar, satisfying all tastes and flavors. As mentioned above, many events and festivals take place here as well, satisfying all the art lovers staying in the broader area. And for the beach lovers, Potato Head offers the most modern and up-to-date beach amenities, which guarantee a relaxing and fun day at the Bali beach.

So, after adding a visit to Potato Head in your itinerary, it is time to find the perfect hotel to stay in Bali. Following the funky style of Potato Head, we would definitely recommend staying at Dash Seminyak Hotel, a beautiful art hotel offering a unique accommodation experience, which you must absolutely live!

A few words about Dash Hotels

When creativity meets accommodation, projects like Dash are created. Counting 3 boutique hotel properties, all Dash Hotels have a unique design and funky vibes. Their trademark figure is a bunny, which is featured in all hotels as a pool statue and as a stuffed toy in the bedrooms, in different colors!

Dash Hotel in Seminyak, Bali

As the people at the Dash like to say, ‘’Dash is Seminyak’s most original new hip hotel’’! Just across Potato Head, the hotel shares the same art spirit as the Beach Club, introducing a trendy and urban design. Bright Colors, Retro Details, Industrial Hints, and Pop art take over every corner, while funky pieces of furniture and Wall Graffiti complete the look of this art hotel in Bali. Definitely a hotel with its very own identity and unique character, Dash manages to stand out among the hotels in Seminyak, Bali!

Apart from its stunning and creative interior design, Dash hotel features all the necessary amenities for your most relaxing holidays: free WiFi, a fancy pool area, and a set of luxurious services like spa, laundry, transport and, of course, some of the most impressive hotel rooms in Asia. Regarding the hotel’s location, in addition to being right next to Potato Head, Dash Hotel is at a very close distance from a wide range of hot spots, nightlife venues, and shopping areas. The hotel is also close to public transportation, while the airport is just 30 minutes drive away.

For those who don’t like to move a lot, Dash Hotel features an amazing rooftop lounge bar, the Shack. Having a deck flooring combined with faux grass, the bar’s decoration mimics the natural setting of Seminyak, creating an ideal environment for relaxation. Colorful chairs add playfulness and daybeds are the hot-spot for lounging. The menu features delicious Indonesian snacks, salads, nachos, pizzas, burgers, wraps and many more. Of course, refreshing drinks and cocktails are also included in the menu!

Another option is to head over the restaurant, Mya Kitchen’s food. The decoration here is set under low lighting, adding mysterious vibes, while huge photographs of funky girls’ images add character and dimension to the space. The menu includes Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Balinese and Indian everyday food. The wide range of recipes will not disappoint the gastronomy lovers, while the cocktail list is never ending.

Now that your have everything covered, it’s time to start planning your trip, book your tickets and visit one of the most spectacular hotels of 2019 Check for prices and availability at Dash Seminyak Hotel and remember to always book directly with the Hotel, for getting the best available prices and having the most personalized communication with the hotel!