Dedicating some time in the planning of your romantic trip, whether it's nearby or far away, is essential, but it can also bring you closer to your partner, since you will take decisions together, as a team. However, planning vacations isn’t everyone’s forte, and it can become stressful prior to and during the trip. 

We’d like to offer you a few tips that will make planning a romantic getaway easier for you and your partner.

Go for Seclusion  

Take the “getaway” part seriously and plan to spend some quality one-on-one time with your partner. Sometimes this can be more easily achieved when booking your stay in the off-season periods and avoiding Valentine’s Day getaways. Not only are romantic hotel packages, flights, and sometimes even restaurants cheaper during the off-season, but also, you won’t be subjected to the crowds that usually go on holidays on peak times. During the off-season, it will also be easier for you to book rooms with a view, visit local attractions, and perhaps even enjoy some alone time in the hotel pool and jacuzzi. 

Another way to ensure seclusion is planning your stay in a private villa or finding a single home on Airbnb. Choose your accommodation wisely so that you won’t have to deal with the annoying distractions of nearby neighbors and busy roadways. You could also opt for an all-inclusive couples resort. At couples’ resorts or private villas, you won’t find loud kids splashing in the pool or flirtatious singles hanging out at the bar waiting for a chance to hit on you or your spouse. Many couple resorts and private villas also offer in-house amenities (e.g. in-room entertainment or personal chefs) to make couples’ holidays feel even more exclusive.

Take Advantage of Concierge and Add-on Amenities

When staying at a resort, or even a private villa, there are often extra perks that staff can provide to make you and your partner feel like royalties. Take the time to discover the concierge services of your accommodation and find out how they can help you plan activities, make reservations at resorts or local restaurants, and see what tips they can give you about the area. 

Some spa getaways for couples offer personalized welcome treats the moment you set foot on the property, like a refreshing hot towel and a couple of your favorite cocktails. They may also be able to add a romantic touch to your room before you enter, like rose petals scattered on the bed with welcome cards. And if the resort you chose offers white-glove butler service, go ahead and splurge on it! You won’t regret it.

While there may be plenty of activities you want to squeeze into your trip, don’t forget to plan on downtime as well. This is where add-on amenities come in handy. These might include actual upgrades to your room that can let you enjoy total private time with your spouse. Nothing says “let’s get cozy” like a fireplace, hot tub for two, and a bottle of champagne delivered straight to your room. Other amenities that might be offered in romantic hotel packages are private dinners for two that can take place on your hotel’s balcony or at the beach.  

Dress to Impress

If you’re planning a romantic getaway, you definitely want to impress your partner, show him/her how much they mean to you, and reignite the spark that originally brought you together. While you don’t have to buy a completely new wardrobe, a few new outfits, and some flirty pieces that you haven’t broken out of the closet in a while are definitely essential. Not only will they give you an extra boost of confidence, but they’ll also help catch your lover’s attention when you’re on a special dinner date. Make sure that one of your outfits includes a new set of swimwear if you’re traveling to beachside romantic resorts with pools.

If your partner is someone who just doesn’t spring forth the effort for new clothes, go ahead and grab a few new pieces for them. Surprise them when you arrive at the resort with some new shirts and shorts for leisurely activities, a nice outfit for a night out, and some useful sandals they can wear on the beach and around the resort. 

Try Something New Together

Planning activities that both yourself and your partner know that will love is nice, but it’s also a good idea to step outside your comfort zone for a bit. This could simply mean trying new cuisine and a bit of the local fare’s favorites. If you’re one who doesn't get outside too often, consider going on a nature walk on a non-demanding hiking trail with your partner. 

On the other side, you could go big and try something exciting that neither of you has done but always wanted to do. Many romantic resorts offer planned activities like parasailing, scuba diving courses, snorkeling, jet-skiing, ATV excursions, swimming with sharks, and other fun and unusual activities. Whatever you decide to do, turn off your mobile and enjoy the time with your loved one — except when you’re taking pictures for your memory books of course!  

Get Trip Insurance

Don’t let this little detail slip by you in your planning! Couples' holidays can be expensive and you never know when dangerous weather conditions, injuries, or illnesses can throw a wrench in your plans. Trip insurance will give you peace of mind and let you recoup money or reschedule your trip if needed.

Romantic weekend breaks and vacation getaways are something that every relationship needs, and not just once every five to ten years. The more often you take time to spend working on your relationship, the closer you will get to your partner. If on the first trip planning proves to be stressful, let a professional travel advisor help you find the perfect accommodation and travel packages.