Balinese dancers wear traditional vivid dance clothing combining dancing moves with theatrical acts. Their movement on stage is dynamic, and very expressive, while in some kinds of Balinese dances, the dancers wear masks

Experience the magic of a traditional Balinese dance, through these photos:

Close up of Balinese woman dancer, performing outdoors.

Beautiful Balinese women in traditional Sarong costume dancing the Legong dance.

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Ramayana Dance, a very popular Traditional Balinese Dance. 

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A traditional Balinese show in the centre of Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

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Balinese dancers, during a traditional Kecak Dance ceremony in an ancient Hindu temple in Ubud.

Close up of a Balinese dancer.

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Dancers performing the Kecak dance

Girls performing traditional Indonesian dance at Ubud Palace in Bali theater.

When visiting Bali, you can easily find live performances as they are regularly presented in specially designed places like amphitheaters, or in lounge rooms of many luxury hotels