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Pattaya Gay Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Pattaya for Gay Travellers

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Gay Holidays in Pattaya

Pattaya, a Thai beach city, is less than two hours from Bangkok and a pretty popular and beloved destination by the LGBT community, and this is why many visit it more than once. It is considered one of the main gay friendly cities in Thailand, and it features an excellent gay nightlife while its breathtaking landscapes and paradise-like beaches come to top the whole experience!

Gay Travel Tips

Pattaya’s lively gay nightlife, is mainly concentrated at the gay districts BoyzTown and Sunne Plaza.
BoyzTown and Sunne Plaza attract especially older foreigners and are full with go-go bars, gay bars, gay massages shop and gay guesthouses.
360 Men Club, Boyz Boyz Boyz, Castro Bar, Cupidol and X Boys are only some of the many go-go bars and entertainment venues in BoyzTown.
Jomtien area and Jomtien Beach are popular gay hotspots packed with many gay bars, gay friendly restaurants and popular gay venues.
Cocka2 Bar, At Home Bar, 3B Bar, BC Bar, 4-T Bar and Bamboo Bar are some of the most popular bars preferred from gay travelers in Jomtien Complex.
Dongtan Beach is known as the most popular gay beach in Thailand that attracts many gay tourists all year round.
It is essential to that know prostitution in Thailand is illegal even if the law is largely ignored. Moreover, pay attention that some boys and girls working in Pattaya may look young and be under-aged. So, if you are in doubt, ask to see photo ID.

The Best Hotels for Gay Travellers in Pattaya

Regarding the gay accommodation options, Pattaya hosts several exclusively gay guest houses and apartments. However, if you are looking for high-quality amenities and facilities, there are wonderful gay friendly hotels and resorts in Pattaya that will keep up your expectations.
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The Top Places in Pattaya for Gay Travellers

Pattaya has an active gay scene consisting of several gay bars, clubs, and exotic beaches.  Below you will find hotspots where you will be able to relax and socialise or even have a naughtier type of fun!

Most popular Sightseeing in Pattaya

Apart from its gay nightlife, Pattaya has interesting tourist attractions! Below you will find what you should not miss if you are into sightseeing mood!

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