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What to eat in Thessaloniki, Greece

Being widely known for its original Greek dishes and culinary influences from the eastern Mediterranean, Thessaloniki has for sure one of the richest cuisines in Greece.  

Else known as Salonica, the city is also popular for its vast and cheap food culture as well as for featuring myriad eateries ranging from fast food shops, traditional taverns, and small pastry shops, to gourmet restaurants and fine-dining hotels!

Breakfast in Thessaloniki

Having a vivid street food scene the best delicacy to start your day in Thessaloniki is of course bougatsa! It has several fillings, however, do not miss to taste the cream bougatsa dusted with icing sugar or covered with chocolate! While koulouri is a simple snack which you can found anywhere in Thessaloniki, especially in street vendors which sell it at very low cost.

Food in the Thessaloniki 

The city’s taverns and local restaurants serve traditional Greek dishes and flavours inspired by eastern countries. The most popular food in every corner of Greece, Gyros, or else known as Souvlaki, could not be an exception for the city of Thessaloniki - choose pork or chicken souvlaki and combine it with pitta bread and various sauces!

Another must-try dishes in Thessaloniki are moussaka, a strong dish with minced meat, potatoes, eggplants, and a rich dose of béchamel, and dolmathakia, grape leaves stuffed with rice and fresh herbs.

Vegan Food in Thessaloniki

If you are a Vegetarian traveler in Thessaloniki be sure that you will taste the freshest salads made of organic vegetables, while the tasty spinach pie will surely satisfy your palate!

The best high-end hotels with restaurants in Thessaloniki

Your food experience in Thessaloniki is not complete without visiting one of the fine-dining hotels in the city.

Taste healthy breakfast inspired by Greek recipes, enjoy refreshing cocktails in 360 open terraces, and have gourmet pleasures in upscale restaurants!

Hotel Nikopolis – Unfold the secrets of fusion cuisine at the hotel’s new restaurant Dome Real Cuisine! All the gastronomic delights are prepared with 100% organic ingredients while a good selection of wines comes to complete your culinary experience!

The Met Hotel – The hotel’s elegant, yet casual settings welcome you to taste creative Greek and innovative Asian delicacies prepared by professional staff using only the finest ingredients.

Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki – An open kitchen and a poolside restaurant welcome you to taste authentic Greek cuisine and the freshest seafood! 

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Where to eat like a local in Thessaloniki

Having a plethora of small eateries, traditional taverns, and international restaurants, Thessaloniki’s reputation as a top culinary destination is undoubtedly on the rise!

If you are looking for traditional Greek food, you will find it almost everywhere you go, however, Dia Xoiros is known as the best traditional tavern in Thessaloniki to taste the very best of Greek cuisine’s appetizers, cheeses, and main courses accompanied by local wines!

Desserts, cakes, and pastries are literary everywhere in Thessaloniki! Sugar Angel is known as one of the best places in the city to accompany your coffee with a delicious piece of cheesecake or lemon cake.

Wine and gastronomy lovers will find their paradise at Grada Nuevo, a gastronomic restaurant with creative dishes, modern and experimental touches, an excellent selection of wines, and exceptional desserts and pies with chocolate ganache, forest fruits, and ice creams.

See our collection with the best places to eat like a local in Thessaloniki, and have delicious breakfast, lunches and dinners as well as refreshing cocktails and exceptional wine!