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Thessaloniki Gay Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Thessaloniki for Gay Travellers

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Gay City Breaks in Thessaloniki!

The distinguishing gay-friendly character combined with the organized gay life, make Thessaloniki one of the best getaway destination for gay and lesbian travellers from all over Greece! 

Despite the fact that Thessaloniki does not have any particular gay areas, the gay life spreads through the whole city while its gay nightlife is similar to Athens’, only smaller and less vivid. 

Gay Travel Tips

eNola Bar, is one of the most popular gay hotspots in Thessaloniki and hosts regular themed nights and parties!
The lesbian community of Thessaloniki is really an active & present part of the society. Some of the most popular gay clubs are operated by very dynamic women who contribute to the city's gay life
In Valaoritou neighborhood, you will find numerous bars, clubs and cafes where you can spend your time pleasantly at a very friendly environment. There you can find the famous gay bar eNola!
Another famous area for gay & lesbian visitors is Pavlou Mela street and nearby where you can find countless cafe shops, bars and restaurants with completely friendly attitude.
Thessaloniki Pride is the most known gay event that occurs annualy and started in June 2012!
Gay Cruising in Thessaloniki is pretty developed, even more than in Athens. The cruising scene includes gay saunas, gay sex cinemas, a gay cruising club and, of course, gay cruising outdoor areas.

The Top Hotels for Gay City Breaks in Thessaloniki!

Even though there is not any exclusively gay hotel in Thessaloniki, there are many boutique hotels and resorts that welcome gay travellers from Greece and abroad. Below you will find the best hotels for gay travellers in Thessaloniki, located close to popular gay areas and hotspots!

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The Top Places in Thessaloniki for Gay Travellers

Thessaloniki has a vivid gay life consisting of several gay hotspots including bars and clubs. Below you will find the best places to visit during your gay holidays in Thessaloniki, Greece!

Most popular Sightseeing in Thessaloniki

Apart from gay nightlife, the center of Thessaloniki features interesting tourist attractions! Below you will find what you should not miss if you are into sightseeing mood!

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