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Thessaloniki Luxury Guide

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Hotels for Luxury Travellers in Thessaloniki


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Thessaloniki - historic, yet luxury!

Elegant, cosmopolitan, romantic; Thessaloniki enchants its visitors with its ancient and contemporary architecture while a plethora of museums, luxury hotels, nightclubs, and upscale restaurants spread throughout the city.

Its seaside promenade is one of the country’s most charming public spaces and Thessaloniki’s most famous spot to immerse yourself in the city’s culture and lifestyle. Passing through the White Tower, it goes along Nikis Avenue, the busiest and most photographed street in Thessaloniki, where several luxury hotels and high-value residences are concentrated.  The Avenue is lined with numerous cafes, restaurants and local shops that stay open from early the morning to late at night, frequented by locals and tourists alike.

Moreover, in Tsimiski Street, paralleled to Nikis Avenue, you will find some of the most high-end boutiques in Thessaloniki, while Smyrnis Street is known for its galleries selling unique pieces of art.

In this Thessaloniki Luxury Guide, you will find the best luxury hotels to stay in the heart of the city, and the top places to indulge in shopping experiences and sightseeing explorations.

The best Luxury Hotels in Thessaloniki

The 5-star hotels and luxury boutique hotels in Thessaloniki are either historic landmarks with renovated suites to the highest standards or contemporary buildings with modern interior design and stunning views of the sea. 

Most of the luxury hotels are located in convenient locations throughout the city and feature high-end facilities, amazing restaurants, and refreshing spa amenities. However, whichever area in Thessaloniki you choose for your base, rest assured that you will be treated with the very best concierge services!

Excelsior Hotel – Perfect for fashion addicts since it is located just a few steps away from the main shopping street of Thessaloniki, Tsimiksi Street! The hotel combines 20th-century architecture with contemporary fine lines in its interior, creating a unique luxury environment to relax after a day walking around the city.

The Met Hotel – We love its spacious yet luxurious suites but even more its rooftop Sky Bar, offering a dramatic 360°degree view of Thessaloniki! While its 22-metre long swimming pool is perfect for a lazy day under the sun.

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Thessaloniki - Shopping and Sightseeing

The city of Thessaloniki has an excellent shopping scene with boutiques and designer shops, as well as numerous attractions to visit if you are into sightseeing mood.

Shopping in Thessaloniki

Tsimiski Street – The most popular shopping street in Thessaloniki with international brands such as Zara, H&M, and Massimo Dutti, and several department stores including Notos Galleries and Marks & Spencer, as well as the shopping center “Plateia” with a plethora of shops, restaurants, cafes and entertainment options.

Mitropoleos Street – Parallel to Tsimiski street, there you will find the city's known patisseries, several independent local stores and small designer boutiques.

Proxenou Koromila Street – The most popular street in Thessaloniki for luxury shopping since most of the haute couture branches are located there including Burberry and Emporio Armani.

Sightseeing in Thessaloniki 

Thessaloniki has several museums, monuments, and theatres to visit. However, the best way to explore city’s gems is by participating in a small walking tour where you will be guided thoroughly to the history of the city.

However, if you prefer to explore Thessaloniki at your own pace, do not miss to visit the museum of The White Tower and admire the breathtaking views from its top as well as watching a concert or show at The Forest Theatre, one of the most popular theaters in Thessaloniki where several great performances by famous artists take place every year.