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Thessaloniki Wellness Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Thessaloniki for Wellness Travellers


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Hotels for Wellness Travellers in Thessaloniki


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Thessaloniki - weekend city breaks in Greece!

Sprawling around the coastline of the Thermaic Gulf, Thessaloniki rises as a top destination for weekend city breaks in Greece!

It is such a walkable city that exploring its laid-back yet vibrant atmosphere is very easy. Even by walking along the sea promenade you will come up with some of the most popular places of Thessaloniki, the city’s landmark – the White Tower, the Aristotelous Square, the Music Hall, and the Harbor of the city.

Small cafes, restaurants, and patisseries will follow you wherever you go, catering to all your needs and desires with light bites, refreshing drinks and sumptuous meals. While boutiques hotels with spa facilities promise to soothe your muscles after a long day strolling around the city.

In this Thessaloniki Wellness Guide, you will find the best spa hotels in Thessaloniki, best places to unwind from your daily routine, and nearby destinations of unrivalled natural beauty.

The best Spa Hotels in Thessaloniki

Having several places to explore and numerous tourist attractions to see, staying in a spa hotel in Thessaloniki with advanced spa facilities is almost essential. Special spa treatments and relaxing massages will help your body repair your muscles after a long day of walking around.

Even though there are not many wellness resorts in Thessaloniki, most of the city’s boutique hotels operate spa facilities within their premises offering advanced wellness treatments and services.

The Met Hotel – One of the best spa hotels in Thessaloniki with upscale rejuvenation centre offering a wide range of exclusively personalized treatments, deluxe restorative services and state of the art facilities that will make your stay even more comfortable and relaxed.

COLORS Urban Hotel Thessaloniki – Specializing in tailor-made massages, Massage.Me is the ideal place to unwind after a day exploring the city. Offering different massages styles, flexible durations, detox drinks, and hot stones, the hotel's wellness area helps you achieve body and mind balance.

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Best Places to unwind in Thessaloniki

Apart from its popular beach promenade, Thessaloniki has several places to visit alone and achieve total tranquillity for your body and mind as well as exciting places to have fun with your family and friends.

Best places to visit in Thessaloniki

Thermis Dam is located in Panorama just 15km away from the center of Thessaloniki. It is a place of outstanding natural beauty with an artificial lake that is home its various bird species like cormorants, herons and ducks. 

Magic Park is one of the largest and most contemporary amusement parks in Greece with a plethora of games that aim to entertain every age group!

Must-visit nearby destinations in Thessaloniki

If you have extra days, do not miss to visit one of the most therapeutic spas in Greece, the thermal baths Pozar, which are only 2 hours away from Thessaloniki. At the foot of Kaimaktsalan Mountain, you will feel the soothing benefits of warm water while surrounded by steep cliffs, natural waterfalls and dense vegetation.

While the regions of HalkidikiSerres, and Ioannina as well as lake Prespa, are also popular destinations nearby Thessaloniki ideal for nature lovers and perfect for weekend excursions and tours!