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Mykonos Wellness Guide

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Hotels for Wellness Travellers in Mykonos


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Mykonos - elegant, yet relaxing!

Soothing massages on tranquil beaches, special treatments in the privacy of your room, and lying quietly on the sand while soaking up the Greek hot sun, are one-of-a-kind experiences and what wellness travellers in Mykonos should except for.

The island of the winds and contracts, Mykonos, is not only known for its vivid nightlife and crowded beaches, but also for its secluded ones as well as for its spa hotels offering yoga classes, therapies and massages in unique relaxing locations.

In this Mykonos Wellness Guide, you will find the best spa hotels in Mykonos, secret beaches to achieve total relaxation in nature, and adventurous activities to bring a bit more excitement in your life!

The Best Spa Hotels to Relax in Mykonos

What’s more relaxing than gazing the deep blue of the Aegean Sea in the comfort of your private jacuzzi? Choose your hotel carefully and the holiday of a lifetime awaits you!

Just outside the hustle and bustle of center of Mykonos Town, you will find astonishing boutique hotels situated in serene locations providing among others spa facilities and luxurious comfortable amenities.

While the few spa resorts in Mykonos, set right on the beach, welcome you to relax surrounded by unrivalled natural beauty. Their professional spa therapists will pamper you with spa treatments are based on the benefits of the extra virgin Greek olive oil.

However, we are sure that Mykonos luxury suites will steal your heart! Most of them have private terraces with hot tubs allowing you to enjoy a soothing bath in total seclusion while it is very easy to arrange a private massage in your own suite without leaving the property.  

Here are our top spa experiences in Mykonos!

The Cave of Kensho Boutique Hotel & Suites is one of the best spas to relax in Mykonos. Aiming to awaken your senses this spa area distinguishes for its state-of-the-art sunbeds and its peacefulness jacuzzi area. A spa to not be missed!

As the sun goes down, you will feel your muscles melting under the gentle pressure of the hands of a professional therapist at Kouros Hotel & Suites in Mykonos. Simply outstanding!

Overlooking the sacred island of Delos, Delight Boutique Hotel has some of the best suites with private Jacuzzi in Mykonos! Boost your relaxation with a massage session in the privacy of your suite and indulge in the benefits of massages with oils and herbal remedies. A perfect choice for honeymooners and couples in love!

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Best beaches in Mykonos - Relaxation and Activities

The islands of the winds could not but be a popular destination in Greece for windsurfing and kite surfing lovers! On the southern side of the island, you will find the best beaches for such activities attracting hundreds of both amateurs and experts every year. 

Especially, at Korfos beach you will find the first kitesurfing school in Mykonos, Kite Mykonos, offering theory lessons and practice with professional before going in the water. 

Kalafatis, Korfos, Ornos and Platis Gialos are the most popular beaches for water-sport activities, while the most organized are Super ParadiseElia, and Paraga Beach, with several tourist facilities nearby, ranging from shops, restaurants, and beach bars to beachfront hotels and villas.

However, Mykonos is also known for its secret beaches with soft sand and clear waters, especially in the northern side of the island. Popular but less organized beaches are FteliaPanormos, and Agios Sostis beach, where you will relax under the sun in total tranquillity.

See our collection with the best beaches and places to enjoy total relaxation during your holidays in MykonosGreece.