2021 has begun on a note of hopefulness, and our excitement to start traveling again cannot be hidden. Especially couples who got married in 2020 and never had the chance to enjoy their so anticipated honeymoon will be able to enjoy it this year, and in a magical destination that they might not consider visiting in other circumstances.

Based on the picture above, you must have already realized that we are talking about none other than the gorgeous Maldives; this beautiful exotic country with its white-washed beaches, shallow turquoise waters, and the luxurious resorts found on small islets where luxury, privacy, and romance make up the perfect atmosphere for every couple.

That said, for many couples, Maldives might seem to be an unreachable dream due to its high costs. The tables have turned whatsoever, as flight prices have been significantly reduced, making the destination much more accessible. While, a luxury resort called Reethi Faru comes to make holidays in this beautiful country even more approachable, offering luxury accommodation for every budget.

The romantic atmosphere of Reethi Faru; what makes it the best choice for honeymoons!

Imagine yourself in the above picture; you and your other half side by side, your favorite cocktails on-hand, a light snack on the table (guilty pleasure), and, ahead of you, the endless blue of the Indian Ocean. No distractions, no phones, no relatives; just you, your other half, and the peacefulness of the Maldives.

This is the perfect example of how spending your honeymoon at Reethi Faru looks like. With uninterrupted, panoramic views from almost every spot within the hotel grounds (including your hotel room), you will both take a break from the dull, gray landscape of the city, giving your eyes a great rest, while enjoying your every moment with passion and dedication.

And, even if you find lazing on a sunbed the entire day boring (who would find that boring?!), there is an abundance of things to do in the resort, like fun water sports, relaxing yoga sessions, spa treatments, wild excursions, and the two most popular activities in the Maldives, diving, and snorkeling. Of course, you will be able to enjoy all the above activities together, so absolutely nothing will separate you!

Those who are interested in a more “satisfying” kind of sport (like us!) are also in for a treat, as there are six restaurants on-site to ensure that each of you will gain at least 1 kilo till the end of your romantic holidays. And, to wash it all down, there are 6 more bars, to provide you with tart and boozy cocktails. Let’s find out more information about Reethi Faru and how you should plan your holidays based on your budget.

Rooms for Couples; from cozy villas with indoor backyards to iconic Water Villas

Understanding the difficulties that we all had to face last year, Reethi Faru has included a super sweet discount for all of its rooms, while, of course, maintaining the same, high-quality of services. This humongous price reduction gives the opportunity to couples of all budgets to enjoy their romantic holidays in this beautiful resort, without lacking quality. There are five types of villas that we recommend to couples:

Garden Villa – for couples who want to invest more in the overall experience

Garden Villa is the least extravagant of the five, and it comes at the lowest price. This doesn’t mean that it’s not a great accommodation option. Equipped with everything that a couple could ask for its accommodation, seclusion, and a pristine garden view, Garden Villa is the perfect option for those who don’t mind the in-room facilities but still anticipate a high-quality stay.

Deluxe Beach Villa – an upgraded version of Garden Villa featuring beautiful Sea Views


The Deluxe Beach Villa is an upgraded version of the Garden Villa, as it also caters to couples who do not mind much of the in-room facilities but want to bask in the gorgeous views of the Indian Ocean any time of the day, from the privacy of their own deck. It’s slightly bigger than the Garden Villa, while it is also totally private, offering complete privacy to its guests.  

Jacuzzi Beach Villa or Water Villa – for couples who do care about their accommodation and in-room facilities

Finally, as per the accommodation options, the Jacuzzi Beach Villa and the Water Villa are for couples who are eager to enjoy the full Maldivian experience. Both offering advanced facilities to elevate your stays, like the private jacuzzi of the beach villa, or the direct access to the turquoise Maldivian waters of the water villa. Both are great, both are luxurious, so whichever you choose is up to you and your partner’s taste. An excellent choice for honeymooners is the Pool Villa, which offers a unique setting with a private pool and view over the pristine beach, that is ready to host your ideal honeymoon or romantic escape with your partner in Malides and at Reethi Faru Resort.  

Huvandhu Garden & Sunset Bar: One bar and one restaurant that will fill your days with romance, succulent food, and boozy cocktails!

When booking at Reethi Faru, you will have to choose whether you want to go breakfast-only, half-board, full board, or all-inclusive. This totally depends on your budget and how much you would like to spend on food. What we recommend, however, is to choose from half-board and above as your food choices will be “limited” to the food options available at the resort’s grounds.

Half Board guarantees a well-respected and varied buffet breakfast and dinner at the hotel’s main restaurant “Vakaru”. Full Board adds lunch to the picture. While all-inclusive adds access to drinks. If you are planning to explore all the 6 restaurants, there is also the “All Inclusive Dine Around Experience” that gives you a 15% discount on all of your meals. That said, let’s explore Reethi Faru’s available dining and drink options a little more thoroughly.

There are twelve astounding bars and restaurants available on site (six bars and six restaurants), all curated by the hotel’s Executive Chef and F&B Manager, Chef Sreekant, and his team. Each restaurant presents an entirely unique food experience, offering from Maldivian Cuisine to live grills and ethnic dinners. Not to mention the wood-fired pizza and tandoori ovens – absolutely delicious!

As per the bars, delightful cocktails, refreshing fruit smoothies, a good variety of international drinks, and fine-quality wines are available at all of them. So, it’s pretty clear that the choices are plenty and diverse. Of course, you can enjoy your drinks and dinners anywhere you would like to. A beautiful cocktail afternoon with your other half at your private deck is actually highly recommended.

So, among the available options, there is one restaurant and one bar that stand out for couples. The Huvandhu Garden Restaurant boasts a private setting, exclusively created for the love birds, and features a luscious menu for two that only a mad man would resist. The Sunset Bar, as the name suggests, is the perfect venue to enjoy a heart-warming sunset with your loved one in your arms and your favorite cocktail on hand (duh!).

That said, no honeymoon is complete without a visit to the spa (it’s your honeymoon, after all, you deserve some pampering!)

Coconut Spa: where romance meets self-pampering and holistic healing 

A visit to the hotel’s spa is a must-do for all couples as it will reduce your stress and help you enjoy your honeymoon with even greater comfort. Although the spa’s menu is wide and diverse, featuring all sorts of scrubs and other treatments, we highly recommend couples to opt for one of the available romantic packages, exclusively crafted for couples. Those packages come in all prices and durations, and they offer a complete, rejuvenating experience that’s hard to compete.

Adam & Eve, for example, is a brilliant package that comes at a pretty affordable price, and it includes an hour and a half session of a soothing aromatherapy foot bath, deeply calming discovery massage, energizing refresher facial, and top it all up, a delightful aromatherapy flower bath. At the same price range, you can also enjoy the exclusive chocolate package (a special gift for your chocolate-addicted partner), which will indulge you in lush chocolate aromas with its special body scrub, discovery chocolate massage, and aromatherapy chocolate bath.

At a medium price point, you can enjoy the 2h30 Paradise and Plenitude Packages, both coming with an array of signature massages and treatments. And, finally, if you prefer a premium and deeply relaxing experience, the 3-hour Delight Package will surprise you with its deeply comforting foot ritual, exotic body scrubs, traditional Balinese massage, natural and stimulating Asian facial, and an aromatherapy bubble bath that completes the experience on flowery notes.

Exciting Things to do to fill your days at Reethi Faru for all kinds of Couples

Aside from relaxing on a pristine, white-sand beach and swimming at the island’s turquoise waters (which we believe is enough to fill your days on the island as there is no way you can ever get bored of the scenery), the resort has included a wide diversity of activities which you can enjoy together. They are not necessarily all romantic, but they will fill your days in the resort with creativity and action.

Land Sports like Tennis, Badminton, Squash, Table Tennis, and Basketball at the island’s Sports Complex (Free)

Either you want to reminisce on a sport that you loved when you were younger, or you simply search for more things to do together, at the resort’s Sports Complex you can enjoy various sports like tennis, squash and more while access to the complex is totally free. This is a great way to stay fit and hone a new skill that you normally wouldn’t have the time to invest in. After all, you will be in the Maldives, you will have plenty of free time to do anything.

Relaxing Yoga Sessions (Free & Paid Sessions)

As the seclusion of the Maldives is one-of-its-kind, your holidays in Reethi Faru will be very peaceful. To further enhance the experience and help you connect with your inner self, Reethi Faru offers several yoga sessions throughout the day, that will give you both a little time for yourselves.

There are standard yoga sessions offered every morning that are actually free of charge and they’re the best way to start your days on the island. In case you are already into yoga, there are also Advanced Yoga Sessions available, coming at a small fee, and happening every morning and afternoon.

Of course, the above yoga sessions are performed in groups. For a private yoga experience, there are also private yoga sessions available, great for couples who ask for 100% privacy.

Moonlight Sailing and other fun excursions (Paid)

The excursions menu is huge and diverse, catering to all tastes and budgets. Among the various excursions, however, we distinguished a few ones that we believe are the best for couples. Moonlight sailing that takes place every full moon is one of them, as it provides couples with the unique opportunity to gaze at the moon illuminated magical landscape of Reethi Faru at night. The landscape is truly magical, and the best way to admire it is with your special one.

The glass bottom boat is also pretty fun, for those who want to take a glimpse of the marine life without getting wet. After all, the Maldives is worldwide-famous for its prosperous marine life, you will be fascinated by the vibrant colors and beauty of the local fish. Finally, a dolphin safari will thrill both of you, as you will have the chance to admire the smartest mammals on earth in their natural habitat – if you are lucky, you might even swim alongside them. Last but not least, you can always try the night snorkeling, that a quite popular activity among Reethi Faru's guests and guarantees some amazing memories.


This is pretty much how your honeymoon at   Reethi Faru will play out. Of course, you must also add tons of more romantic moments with your other half in the picture, as in this article, we could only describe what the resort can offer you as per the facilities and experiences. Every destination has the potential to be romantic as long as you are with your other half – everything else just adds a slight push.