You have most probably heard about Phuket before, however, have you ever heard about Christmas holidays in Phuket? For many, that sounds pretty crazy since Phuket is mainly a summer destination, and one of the best features of the island, is none other than its sandy beaches.

However, December is a great month for Phuket. The weather ranges from 23 degrees Celsius to 31 degrees Celsius and the rainfalls are limited. That makes it a very appealing destination for vacations, especially for people who want to relax and get away from the Christmas hubbub.

The majority of the hotels and resorts of Phuket cater for children, making it an excellent option for families, especially during the period of Christmas. You will find countless things to do on the island, which can range from candle-lit dinners under the night sky to canoe and other sports on its beautiful beaches.

Let's define Christmas in Phuket for each segment!

Food in Phuket at Christmas

Photo Credits: The Nai Harn

Talking about Phuket naturally makes you hungry, since the island is very famous for its rich culinary tradition. During Christmas, the streets are lighted with Christmas decorations and the food at the street stalls seem even more delicious than regularly. 

Of course, the local hotels and resorts feature special offers during the Christmas Eve, the Christmas day and the New Year's Eve, offering unique Christmas dinner ideas, like Christmas Eve dinner by the beach, or Christmas Eve dinner under the starry sky.

Since Phuket does not have a particularly Christmas food that we could suggest to you, we will highlight to you 4 Street foods that you should definitely give a try!

Pancakes (Roti): When you hear about pancakes, you might think the regular pancakes that we are used to eating in the Western cities. However, when the locals talk about pancakes, they actually refer to Roti. Roti can be filled with all types of fillings including nutella, banana, taro, sweet potato. There are savoury pancakes as well!

Exotic Fruits (and not only): It's only natural when visiting Phuket, to try the delicious local fruits. For many of us, our countries have difficulty in importing fresh exotic fruits, and even if we get to eat some of them, the taste difference is big. Various vendors in Phuket sell freshly cut fruits, while fresh juices are also available!

Pad Thai: The most popular Thai dish around the world, it's impossible not to have heard about it before. However, there is a big difference between the Western Pad Thai that you have already tastes, and the original one in Thailand. Concerning which one is tastier, it's clearly up to your taste buds.

Satay: Thailand is worldwide famous for its delicious Satay, and even the locals admit that Phuket is the best place to try it. Satay variations include skewed pork, chicken and beef, which are mostly eaten with peanut sauce. You will find countless street vendors in Phuket selling Satay.

Wellness in Phuket at Christmas

It's clearly the best period to visit Phuket, since the temperature is neither high nor low while the rainfalls are limited. Since Christmas can become really tiresome for some people, Phuket is an excellent alternate choice for Christmas holidays, ideal for relaxation and activities in nature.

Swimming by the beach could become this year's Christmas activity, while you could welcome 2018 with a private dinner at your hotel's private beach. Who knows?! Phuket will give you many alternatives. Let's explore the top 3 activities to do when visiting Phuket!

Relax in a Secluded Beach

Indeed.. doing nothing and just relaxing can become an activity in Phuket. The island is literally packed with numerous secluded beaches with crystal-clear turquoise waters and white sand. Of course, you could also choose a hotel with a private beach, where you can also enjoy romantic dinners etc.

Discover Phi Phi Island

From the first moment you set your sight on this island, you are going to fall in love with it. Easily approachable by boat, this island has become a major point of interest in Thailand, while many visit Phuket just for this island. Of course, its laid-back atmosphere makes it the ideal destination to relax and escape in a more care-free world.

Phuket Elephant Sanctuaries

Elephant trekking is outdated anymore, and the Elephant Sanctuaries have come to replace this cruel activity. The Elephant Sanctuaries are emphasizing on a more ethical and animal-friendly interaction with the elephants, while you will get to understand them even better while taking care of them. Although, we recommend caution since they are pretty big animals and these activities are dangerous!